Urban Shaman

✓ Urban Shaman ✓ C.E. Murphy - Urban Shaman, Urban Shaman Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt No worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for heal|✓ Urban Shaman ✓ C.E. Murphy, Urban Shaman, C.E. Murphy, Urban Shaman Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt No worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for healing from fatal wounds or the cryptic talking coyote who appears in her dreams And if all that s not bad enough in the three years Joanne s been a cop she s never seen aJoanne Walker h

  • Title: Urban Shaman
  • Author: C.E. Murphy
  • ISBN: 9780373802234
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Paperback

✓ Urban Shaman ✓ C.E. Murphy, Urban Shaman, C.E. Murphy, Urban Shaman Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt No worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for healing from fatal wounds or the cryptic talking coyote who appears in her dreams And if all that s not bad enough in the three years Joanne s been a cop she s never seen aJoanne Walker h ✓ Urban Shaman ✓ C.E. Murphy - Urban Shaman, Urban Shaman Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt No worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for heal

✓ Urban Shaman ✓ C.E. Murphy - Urban Shaman, Urban Shaman Joanne Walker has three days to learn to use her shamanic powers and save the world from the unleashed Wild Hunt No worries No pressure Never mind the lack of sleep the perplexing new talent for heal

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  • ✓ Urban Shaman ✓ C.E. Murphy
    215 C.E. Murphy
Urban Shaman

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  • C.E. Murphy

    C.E Murphy is a writer of fantasy novels and short stories She also writes action adventure romance novels under the pseudonym Cate Dermody, which was her grandmother s maiden name.

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  • Ms Murphy managed to do something I didn t think could be accomplished She wrote this incredible story that seamlessly intertwines Celtic and Native American folklore and mythology Let me tell you this is a book you don t want to put down It is so vivid it s like a movie, but I haven t seen a movie this cool Hollywood doesn t like to take chances on women in high prolife action roles And this is definitely a woman s story Joanne Walker is running away from her dual heritage as a Cherokee Native [...]

  • In general I find that I like urban fantasy, so picking this book up was easy to do Let s get quickly to the positives There wasn t a single anthropomorphic cat person A The characters were well written, but often rendered a bit simplistically I quickly gained a sense for who the characters were without feeling they were too one dimensional BThe friendly roster lists a cross dressing police detective A Now for the downers Murphy periodically seems to be someone who is operating just beyond the e [...]

  • This is the book I ve had people telling me to read all independently of one another in years It certainly seems like it would interest me.The genre is a common one for Luna Strong female protagonist, modern fantasy slipstream with the supernatural element hidden from most people, and a hint of sexual tension or romance Our protag is Joanne Walker, an Irish Cherokee crossbreed trying to go as mainstream American as she can She s a Seattle cop by vocation and a mechanic by avocation, so she work [...]

  • What an unexpected read The blurb sounded decent, but I didn t expect to find such an awesome series.This is my first read by C E Murphy, and she s great She has an amazing writing style, it kept me hooked from the first few lines, I couldn t wait to see what happens and how Jo will get out of it alive.The main reason I m choosing to continue this story though is not the plot or the world but the main character, Joanne She is great She s exactly how I want my characters to be, with a great auto [...]

  • Eh I m only going with two stars because I actually made it through it In the heat of the action complete confusion and chaos seemed to be all I got from it The protagonist wasn t someone I would rally behind she was too busy being sarcastic or dumb Either way it wasn t endearing Plus I always find it hard to get behind a lead who wears pants w elastic band and a fanny pack Seriously

  • Finally It s over I can t remember the last time I got so annoyed with a heroine Oh yesI can It was a couple of days ago when I DNFed Heart of Stone, a book by this same author It s clear that this author s ideas and mine don t match so this is the last book I ll read by her I finished this one because it fits two challenges I m doing Otherwise, I would have dnfed it too The first thing that struck me about Urban Shaman was the similarities between Joanne and Mercy Thompson both are half Native [...]

  • If I were thinking critically, I could criticize this book and this series of books to pieces, but for me all the books in this series are raw crack I bought this book initially just due to idling around the bookstore and read it in 72 hours flat The subsequent books in the series have been consumed, by me, in an equally addict like manner Joanne Walker, as a character, engaged me immediately I liked her skepticism and crabbiness immediately, and the character has a good voice I liked the fact t [...]

  • The bad points outweigh the good with this book The good The supporting characters Gary the taxi driver and Jo s sidekick My only problem with him was his age, I was unsure as to whether he would really be fit enough to keep up with Jo without stroking out Morrison the police captain and Jo s boss Their antagonistic relationship was well done as was the underlying sexual tension.The bad Although Jo never fully embraces her magic she seems to automatically know what to do and when to do it and su [...]

  • This book was not for me I have had this series on my radar for maybe 3 years but kept delaying starting it I wish I would have started it 3 years ago, perhaps I would have enjoyed it It is really hard to write unique urban fantasy and I think this may be unfair of me to judge this story as it was written seven years ago when the genre was less saturated I find that urban fantasy and paranormal books which catch my eye and pull me in are not a murder mystery with the same type of formula or plo [...]

  • Urban Shaman is the first in an urban fantasy series that may not stack up too well against the greats of UF, but is entertaining none the less And the series is finished, which is a plus One thing it is not is Paranormal Romance There is the slightest inkling of the beginning of interest between two characters, but that s it So if you re looking for a UF series sort of in the middling range of quality that is not exclusively romance, this could be for you Although I can t speak for the rest of [...]

  • I loved the first half of this book Great characters, some very funny lines, nice plot set up Somewhere in the last half, the plot got all fuzzy, the main character s talents were inexplicably good enough to whip the bad guy and she suddenly knew how to use them, and the ending didn t even make sense What a letdown I ll read another book about this character should one come out but I hope the sopho effort is better constructed It would be a waste of a great character if this is all there was of [...]

  • Jo is returning to work after spending the last 4 months getting to know her mother before she passes away Her mother is Irish and her father Native American On her return flight as she is landing, she is able somehow to see a woman running from a pack of wild dogs toward a church and a guy waiting in the parking lot, of said church, with a switchblade knife Once the plane lands she finds a cab and tells Gary, the cab driver, to head in the direction of the church Gary thinks she is nuts, but dr [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book Though sharing a lot of similarities with the numerous other paranormal detective kind of books I ve been into the past few years, it had some noticeable differences to help it stand out a bit.One of those no vampires Yet, at least And not that I don t like vampires I do, but it s not untrue that so many other books in this genre have, and often focus on, vampires.Another is how easily people seemed to accept that something out of the ordinary was going on It bothered [...]

  • Infantile characterization, and a plot that fits it The second half of the book felt wrapped up in perhaps 2 weeks of writing The less powerful and experienced heroine wins over the hugely powerful bad guy for no discernible reason Miraculous healing that even the author can t explain, etc Probably wouldn t read anything else by the author.

  • Urban Shaman is what I like to call an original in the Urban Fantasy genre One of the series that was out before the big boom The blend of Native American lore and Celtic mythology is still something that is rarely found in the genre even after all of these years The true testament is that 8 years after I originally read Urban Shaman I still enjoy it, and find to to be a unique story and concept Sure it starts of rocky with the main character Jo flying high in the sky about to land from a red ey [...]

  • A 3.5 really, if I d read this book at any other time I probably wouldn t have rated it quite so highly, but Urban Shaman gave me my reading mojo back I inhaled it in a matter of hours at the start of a day off and so it gets a thumbs up from me.When police force mechanic Joanne Walker spots a damsel in distress from her aeroplane seat yeah, I know, stay with me she feels compelled to track her down and help Enlisting the aid of an ageing cabbie on landing, she soon finds herself confronting her [...]

  • Reread by audiobook I also read the library paperback This narrator, I m thinking she might be the problem with this audiobook because I didn t enjoy it as much as when I read the book There s a narrator change with book two, but I don t know if it s for the better Previous review on 06 02 10This is a 3.5 stars The writing is okay There s a LOT of similarities between her and Patricia Briggs Mercedes books A LOT But this book was published before Patricia Briggs so I m not taking anything away f [...]

  • Overall an enjoyable read A reluctant mechanic in the police department is moved to help a woman she witnessed being attacked She finds a cab driver to get her to the location and meets the woman, opening up a series of events that change her life A reviewer characterized Joanne as a reluctant heroine, and that captures the character mood well She ends up involved in the supernatural, discovering shaman skills after a deadly meeting with the Wild Hunt I enjoyed the introduction to her life and t [...]

  • Hm, can t really make up my mind about this one I liked the pacing, the banter and the whole setting The plot with The Wild Hunt was nicely done But it didn t 100% grip me not like my favourite UF series did I am probably going to give the second installment a try, because I did like Joannie Walker She seemed like a quite likable character I felt that the magic stuff came a bit too convenient and too easy, but at least it made for quick world building without info dump Also Joannie had an uncann [...]

  • I m not sure how I felt about this story Possibly deja vu It felt as if the author had taken the part s of Mercy Thompson Jane Yellowrock and tried to make them her own with a twist In some ways that worked, in others the story didn t compare to either.This story dealt with a cop mechanic who is part Native American part Irish who finds out she is a shaman and has Coyote the trickster God as a spirit guide Anything seem familiar yet As it is unlike the other two series, this one deals in the rea [...]

  • Urban Shaman C.E Murphy 2005 Luna 344 pages.Urban Shaman by C.E Murphy is a book I wish dearly that I could have gotten into because I m well aware of how the Walker Papers has gained popularity over the yearsSadly, I lost interest in the near beginning.Initially, I fell in love with Urban Shaman when Murphy makes a wisecrack about the vulgarity of Austin Powers teeth in the very first paragraph I thought to myself how could I not appreciate Murphy s humor However, when we meet Marie and we are [...]

  • An interesting first book I really like Joanne, Gary and Cernnunos Plus, it had Coyote and I love Coyote I think Morrison could grow on me The book was heavy on descriptions, which I suppose was a good thing because Joanne s situation was a bit of a doozy The magic went over my head a bit, though A bit difficult to follow at times.Overall, I enjoyed the book and will read the next one to see how it goes.

  • This is the first book that I ve read by this author It s a book that 1 hadn t been on my radar 2 even so, it was one of the books picked to be read by me in Feb March it was the part of the picking wherein the picker picked something not on my pick em shelf.Being, as it was, a book that hadn t been on my radar, I did something I do not always do when picking books I examined reviews Some of those reviews kind of put me off, they did And some of that description on GoodReads both intrigued me an [...]

  • I don t give a one star review to a book very often Usually, when a book is only worthy of one star in my opinion, it ends up in my DNF Did Not Finish pile, and I don t write reviews on DNF because it wouldn t be fair to the author if I reviewed something I didn t finish.But I actually stuck around until the very end of Urban Shaman, because I kept hoping that things would get better Sadly, they didn t, which is a shame, really, because the book is well written There is plenty of action I didn t [...]

  • After attending her mother s funeral, Joanne Walker hops on a plane to her home city, Seattle As the plane is landing she notices something strange down below, a man with a knife, and a woman being followed by a pack of dogs Once the plane touches down, Joanne rushes to the rescue with the help of an elderly cab driver, an act that tangles her life up in a world of dangerous gods, and and give her access to powerful shamanic magic she didn t know she had.One of the things that drew me to Urban S [...]

  • For me, this was a pretty good start for this urban fantasy series.I found the storyline engrossing, and the characters captivating The beginning was fast paced I liked the characterization of the main character Joanne Walker She s smart, intrepid, funny, and with a tendency to clumsiness.There s a promise of a future romance that i ll just bet will keep things interesting In this one, the future lovebirds were on the bickering phase, it keept things interesting The writing was pretty good as we [...]

  • Urban Shaman is the first book in the Walker Papers urban fantasy series by C.E Murphy This was a used bookstore find and I would place it in the win column with a few caveats Joanne Walker is a mechanic for the police department Flying home after her mother s death she sees a crime being committed from the airplane Her search for the victim leads her to a whole lot of trouble.Where do I start The good you can t help but like Joanne She s sarcastic, smart, tough and six feet tall I m six feet my [...]

  • Read up to pg 246 which I think allows me to make a semi conclusive review Joanne had a few visitations by spirit beings Her shaman abilities aided her in a couple of incidents She should have started accepting, she is special I can understand the first half of a book the character floundering about not knowing what s what, but after that they should be taking baby steps into become what ever is it they are destined For the most part the litany of her inner dialog was very boring and did not rev [...]

  • A brief description CE Murphy s new book Urban Shaman tells the story of Joanne Walker, the daughter of a Native American and an Irish woman Joanne is flying back from Ireland after her mother s funeral, and from the plane as it circles Seattle, spots a woman running away from an attacker Joanne feels compelled to help the woman, and by doing so, becomes involved in an exciting and fast paced adventure involving being chased by the Wild Hunt and ancient Celtic gods, and coming to terms with her [...]

  • So so This is Book One of the Walker Papers It had a really catchy beginninge main character is on an airplane flying into Seattle and she notices a woman being chased on the ground below So after the airplane lands she gets into a taxi to go back to the area she flew over to see if the woman is okay I m always looking out the window when I m on an airplane but I have no idea what I d do if I saw a woman being attacked on the ground below Probably call the police, not investigate it myself Excep [...]

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