[PDF] Read ☆ Lucas : by Kevin Brooks - Lucas, Lucas Lucas the dramatic story of a young woman s encounter with the ugly side of humanity and her struggle to defeat it British novelist Kevin Brooks s masterpiece is set on the island community of Hale o|[PDF] Read ☆ Lucas : by Kevin Brooks, Lucas, Kevin Brooks, Lucas Lucas the dramatic story of a young woman s encounter with the ugly side of humanity and her struggle to defeat it British novelist Kevin Brooks s masterpiece is set on the island community of Hale over one summer as year old Caitlin McCann realizes her small world is changing Her brother is acting strangely hanging out with the neighborhood reprobates and gettingLucas the dramatic st

  • Title: Lucas
  • Author: Kevin Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780439530637
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ Lucas : by Kevin Brooks, Lucas, Kevin Brooks, Lucas Lucas the dramatic story of a young woman s encounter with the ugly side of humanity and her struggle to defeat it British novelist Kevin Brooks s masterpiece is set on the island community of Hale over one summer as year old Caitlin McCann realizes her small world is changing Her brother is acting strangely hanging out with the neighborhood reprobates and gettingLucas the dramatic st [PDF] Read ☆ Lucas : by Kevin Brooks - Lucas, Lucas Lucas the dramatic story of a young woman s encounter with the ugly side of humanity and her struggle to defeat it British novelist Kevin Brooks s masterpiece is set on the island community of Hale o

[PDF] Read ☆ Lucas : by Kevin Brooks - Lucas, Lucas Lucas the dramatic story of a young woman s encounter with the ugly side of humanity and her struggle to defeat it British novelist Kevin Brooks s masterpiece is set on the island community of Hale o

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  • [PDF] Read ☆ Lucas : by Kevin Brooks
    174 Kevin Brooks

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  • Kevin Brooks

    Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter, Devon, England He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Birmingham, Aston University in 1980 and Cultural Studies in London in 1983 Kevin Brooks has been in a variety of jobs including musician, gasoline station attendant, crematorium handyman, civil service clerk, hot dog vendor at the London Zoo, post office clerk, and railway ticket office clerk.Kevin Brooks s writing career started with the publication of Martyn Pig in 2002 through The Chicken House which won the Branford Boase Award 2003 and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal He also wrote Lucas 2002 which was shortlisted for the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize and Booktrust Teenage Prize in 2003 also winning the North East Book Award in 2004.In 2004 he published Kissing the Rain and Bloodline and I See You, Baby and Candy in 2005 In 2006 he published 3 books including Johnny Delgado Series Like Father, Like Son and Private Detective as well as The Road of the Dead a standalone novel In February 2008 he published the standalone book Black Rabbit Summer.As a child, Kevin Brooks enjoyed reading detective novels He writes most plots of the various books he has written around crime fiction He likes mystery and suspence and enjoys putting both of those components into each and every story he writes in some shape or form.

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  • Where has this book been all my life I am still just in complete awe of this book, but so Lucas himself I don t know if you have read Stargirl but if I were to describe Lucas, the first comparison that comes to mind is Stargirl Simply because they share such similar traits in my opinion Both are very mysterious and have an Out of this world presence The way I felt when I finished Stargirl was the exact way I felt the moment, I finished Lucas Speechless and filled with unanswered questionsCAS is [...]

  • Lucas is one of the first books I read when I moved to England and one of the only books that have stayed with me, year in and year out, to this day I lost my copy in the final move we made four years ago, but today, I found a copy at the market MAN, I can t wait to reread this 3

  • Lucas is the story of a very different boy who wanders into a small sea town He also manages to captivate young Caitlin McCann s heart without doing anything I loved this book, it was riveting, addicting and unrealistic but so good Lucas was such a mysterious character that I had to rush through the book to see what he does next He s sexy, suave and mature without coming off as a typical James Bond like character Cait is a 15 year old girl, struggling with being a woman in an all male household [...]

  • No matter how many times I read this book, I still hope for the ending to change I know it never will, I know what happens is inevitable and will leave me in tears, but I still read with hope.This book is haunting Once you read it, it will stay with you forever A hot summer day will make you think of it Seeing swans will make you think of it Seeing kids trying to grow up too fast will make you think of it A wild storm will make you think of it You ll never get away from this book, you ll never s [...]

  • Where do I begin I bought this book because it had a 4.03 rating on and so many people said it was amazing and absolutely breathtaking see other reviews so I figured, hey, it s gotta be good, right WRONG.It s one of the most boring and pointless books I have ever read It s over 300 pages and, I swear, the first 100 pages are pointless set up countless descriptions of the setting and island off the northern cost of England and the drama going on in young Caitlin s life It s not even good drama it [...]

  • Amazing book Uh may zing From the second I picked it up, I wanted to just keep reading and reading It was one of those books that everyone read a few years ago that I hadn t read, so I figured I d check it out I expected something light, you know, a sort of transition read But this is a very dark and haunting story, the kind that I won t be forgetting for a while maybe not ever Kevin Brooks does a fantastic job with unfolding the plot and making the reader wonder about abstract concepts about hu [...]

  • I absoloutly loved this book.The relationship just kept on growing between Caitlin and Lucas She always knew how to find him and she never felt felt akward with the silence that they head.But Jamie Tait, Well he was one s i c k person he probably always had the hots for her although the alway he could get her was by force He made Lucas look like a pevert and some kinda attempted killer he wasn t.After what happened to Angel, the towns people murderously chased him down to the beach.Lucas was hal [...]

  • Lucas, by Kevin Brooks, will always be the best piece of literature I have ever read Lucas is about a girl who shares a deep connection with a wanderer Even though her whole town is turned against him, she opens her heart and lets him in Lucas never created any reason for the town to turn against him He is simply different He teaches Caity how to see past the cruelties of life However, in the end, Caity must learn to let go Lucas is forced to take his own life to escape the harsh judgment in soc [...]

  • I love this book it s raw emotional and so vivid that it makes me cry almost every time I read it It s just THAT awesome I absolutely love it and for 5 years straight it has been my favorite, many novels come and go but Lucas always remains on my shelf in a place of honor.Many times in life people feel like the loneliness in a crowded room and Kevin Brooks shows the stark reality of those feelings, the abject loneliness of someone who doesn t quite fit, like the dented piece of a jigsaw puzzle w [...]

  • From the moment Caitlin first sees Lucas, she knows everything is going to change Caitlin is 15 years own and lives on a small island town in England Her widowed father is a writer and a bit of a drunk, her older brother is turning into someone she doesn t recognize, and even her best friend is pressuring her to grow up But Cailtin is still trying to figure out who she is, made all the confusing with the appearance of Lucas Lucas is homeless, a mysterious gypsy , that has wandered into town, an [...]

  • When I started reading this, I had a fair idea of what was going to happen eventually Not the how, but the what if that even makes sense.Cait said she d cry herself a story, said it was better than to let sadness die inside her And she did She wrote the events of 2 weeks, with complete honesty It made me think was that all it takes to write a good story Tell the truth and be honest Brooks writes in a very smooth and casual yet not so usual way He s pretty convincing as a girl and he seemed to kn [...]

  • 5 Words Prejudice, hate, love, kindness, hope.5 More Words It broke my freaking heart.This book breaks me every time I read it.I always feel hope, that the book is going to change just a tiny bit and not obliterate my heart.I never does.And yet I still love this book.You ve reached the maximum number of re reading sessions

  • When I finished this book, I was mad and swearing and didn t like it I hate books with sad endings, especially wehn the author puts in lots of ambiguous stuff that s artsy and doesn t seem necessary to the story and seems like it is pointing strongly to an underlying meaning that just isn t easy to figure out So why the four star rating, you ask Because once I finished it, I couldn t stop thinking about it It nagged my subconscious, begging me to analyze it, even though I prefer books that are f [...]

  • When fifteen year old Caitlin befriends a homeless boy one summer, she makes a decision to be a part of his life in spite of what the neighbors think, an unpopular choice for a motherless girl with an alcoholic father and an older brother turning out just like his dad Lucas s appeal goes deeper than his mysterious past and enigmatic appearance the two share a quiet appreciation for nature as well as the loss of their mothers and an appreciation for art One evening, Lucas saves Cait from the ill [...]

  • I just read the one book written by Brit Young Adult author Kevin Brooks no relation that I hadn t gotten to earlier I love his work It is edgy, raw and completely true He writes about teens in difficult situations dealing with issues that we are all struggling about drugs, murder, sexual identity and others Lucas is the title of the book It is about a young man who appears on an island off the coast of England He might be a Gypsy and he might be magic He is immediately disliked and mistrusted b [...]

  • There are many reasons as to why this book received 5 stars from me From the very first pages of this novel, the flow of the story is very gripping and easy to imagine Lucas and his personality is so fluid, I found myself looking back at him, fervently trying to put a face on his description for I wanted him to be real He seemed to be the caring and yet the seclusive type of person who others don t waste one moment to fabricate lies about It s a great book and from the very start I found myself [...]

  • I like Kevin Brooks, however I think this book was a disappointment I was expecting something exiting and thrilling than this, especially after Candy Actually I found this book rather boring The characters are not defined and specific, thru out the whole book you keep forgetting who is who The main character Lucas is intriguing but nothing passed that Caitlin is an average girl, without any spark Something I am not used to, especially that those characters are fictional and I think something c [...]

  • A very sad book for anyone who felt lonely or isolated at least once in their life This book has so much meaning to it eventhough the words are very simple I couldn t stop crying and didn t want the book to end like it did, but the ending is what the book is all about The story is very dark and full of jealous and shallow characters, and what makes this book so extradinary is one character, one boy who you fall in love with even if he is not real.

  • 7 09 amNo puedo ver el mundo con los mismos ojos despu s de leer este libro No entiendo.No quiero entender No quiero pensar No puedo dejar de pensar.Quiero dejar de sentirme como Cait lo hizo cuando perdi a Lucas, es tan real que duele.

  • really well written loved the way the story was told, loved the character development, loved most everything about ita few un realistic elements destroyed what was on its way to being a real favorite of mine 1 when Cait is almost raped for the second time and at the same time her brother is knocked out I cannot think that they would not go to the police that they would leave this unreported It seems like the discussion that follows, everyone just kind of accepts that they are not reporting this [...]

  • I was totally engrossed in this YA Fiction novel about a free spirited boy who suddenly appears on a remote island off of Great Britain Islanders don t take kindly to strangers, so Lucas landing on the island causes a great commotion Cait McCann first spots Lucas walking alongside the road, carrying his belongings in a green canvas bag Cait is riding in the car with her father and her brother, Dom, whom they have just picked up at the airport When their car passes Lucas, Cait s eyes meet his She [...]

  • Lucas reminds me of Travolta s film Michael Here we have the mysterious stranger who comes to a regular type of community He seems to have no past and no future, and lives only in the present He is fearless, lives off the land and has a presence that encourages peace and acceptance to the people who accept him the way he is He also seems to be able to read people he has observed, but never met It is like he can see into their souls, their inner emotions and basic nature But he also has a darker [...]

  • This is the worst book review thing ever I don t have the book with me and I can t remember all of the names of people and other things You know the saying, Don t judge a book by its cover well I did I just looked at the cover and thought, wow this book looks so old And the guy looks creepy He looks like a stalker But my Liberian recommended it to me, so I thought that I would try it out Then it was lying next to my bed, for like 3 weeks I finally ran out of books to read and it was in the middl [...]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this book so much I didn t want it to end I can t get it out of my head and that s how I judge if it was good or not Kevin Brooks did a great job writing in a teen girls voice He hit the fears and emotions that many teen girls know and live through Right off I loved the two main characters, Caitlin and Lucas They were solid and complete For me they were real and believeable Plus I have a fondness toward gypsies, Lucas and I m always thrilled when they come out as the good gu [...]

  • I read this book in the summer of O8, and though it took a couple of chapters for me to really be grasped by this book, I ended up quite fond of it It was an odd sort of love friendship story, between Cait and Lucas I don t think Keving Brooks aimed for it to be a love story, but Cait obviously cared very much for Lucas Poor Simon I can t say I ve ever met a stranger and ultimately become one of the few people on an island that liked him, but I think I can kind of sympathize with the curiosity b [...]

  • This was one of the most influential books I had ever read in my life I have met a boy who s nearly exactly like Lucas, also very misunderstood by society and pushed aside because of the things he has that they are afraid of He s so different from the majority of us, and most find this hard to accept, but it s exactly these kinds of individuals that change our world that is so mediocre and cliche ed Lucas in Kevin Brook s novel represents the side of the individual that might be hidden throughou [...]

  • This book is about a guy who goes and lives in an island where everyone gossips about everyone Lucas is different from them He doesnt gossip or hang out with them, insted he just stays in his own most of the people find him dangerous and creepy because of his lifestyle, except for one girl who knows him for who he really is He s very kind and caring, adn has a very good heart, but the islanders chose not to look at the other side of him He was accused of trying to drown a girl, when in the meant [...]

  • My daughter reccomended this book to me, and I m so glad she did When she was reading it we often had the following discussion Me It s time to come to dinner.Her eyes devouring the page Uh huhMe Really You need to stop reading and eat.Her Uh huh.Me Now Her reluctantly puts the book down I m sympathetic now Kevin Brooks does such a good job of sucking you in and keeping the tension high throughout the whole of this book that putting it down to get some work done was a very difficult thing I real [...]

  • A great read I was so heartbroken about the ending when Lucas died People like him who just try and get by don t deserve to be tormented like he was This book really shows that stuff like this still happens in society today Lucas was such a great person always helping others and doing his own thing And then the people had to go and pretty much kill him They weren t satisfied until he was completely away from their island I wish so badly that Lucas would ve just left the island and promised Cait [...]

  • Un par de personajes principales muy extra os, pero perfectos para transmitir lecciones y reflexiones necesarias para la vida Una historia que dentro de todo lo fantasiosa e inveros mil que pueda resultar, es sumamente aterrizada a la realidad.

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