The River

☆ The River ✓ Gary Paulsen - The River, The River We want you to do it again These words spoken to Brian Robeson will change his life Two years earlier Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty four days with nothing but a small hatchet|☆ The River ✓ Gary Paulsen, The River, Gary Paulsen, The River We want you to do it again These words spoken to Brian Robeson will change his life Two years earlier Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty four days with nothing but a small hatchet Yet he survived Now the government wants him to do it again to go back into the wilderness so that astronauts and the military can learn the survival techniques that kep We want you to do i

  • Title: The River
  • Author: Gary Paulsen
  • ISBN: 9780440227502
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Paperback

☆ The River ✓ Gary Paulsen, The River, Gary Paulsen, The River We want you to do it again These words spoken to Brian Robeson will change his life Two years earlier Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty four days with nothing but a small hatchet Yet he survived Now the government wants him to do it again to go back into the wilderness so that astronauts and the military can learn the survival techniques that kep We want you to do i ☆ The River ✓ Gary Paulsen - The River, The River We want you to do it again These words spoken to Brian Robeson will change his life Two years earlier Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty four days with nothing but a small hatchet

☆ The River ✓ Gary Paulsen - The River, The River We want you to do it again These words spoken to Brian Robeson will change his life Two years earlier Brian was stranded alone in the wilderness for fifty four days with nothing but a small hatchet

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  • ☆ The River ✓ Gary Paulsen
    214 Gary Paulsen
The River

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    Although he was never a dedicated student, Paulsen developed a passion for reading at an early age After a librarian gave him a book to read along with his own library card he was hooked He began spending hours alone in the basement of his apartment building, reading one book after another Running away from home at the age of 14 and traveling with a carnival, Paulsen acquired a taste for adventure A youthful summer of rigorous chores on a farm jobs as an engineer, construction worker, ranch hand, truck driver, and sailor and two rounds of the 1,180 mile Alaskan dog sled race, the Iditarod have provided ample material from which he creates his stories.Paulsen and his wife, Ruth Wright Paulsen, an artist who has illustrated several of his books, divide their time between a home in New Mexico and a boat in the Pacific.

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  • brian is such a tool only maybe it s not brian s fault, maybe it s gary paulsen s fault for really trying to determine the limits of a reader s tolerance i am comfortable with suspending disbelief i watched lost well past the comfort point because of some innate need to see something through to its end thanks, dad that impulse applies here as well i will read all the books in this damn series because, like kasia, i can t NOT read them fortunately, these only take about an hour to read, and they [...]

  • Since this is a kids book, I think you need to hear a review from a 13 year old like me First of all I think you need to know I never liked reading books until I read the first book of the series, Hatchet What I liked about this series is that the main character is my age and he develops survival skills over time There is a lot of action that is plotted outdoors I am not going to spend time summarizing The River , because it can be found on the back of the book, In The River I liked that he save [...]

  • A sequel so disappointing it actually takes away from my enjoyment of the original The premise here is so implausible as to be laughable, if it weren t so painful spoiler alert Seriously The government has nothing better to do than enlist a CHILD to RELIVE his most harrowing life event, from which he very nearly didn t survive, and whose survival HE HIMSELF attributes to luck They couldn t just, you know, ask about it And, of course, the plot is moved along by lightning Right And, of course, sur [...]

  • Well, to make it short, we want you to do it again When last we left Brian, he had just come out the other end of a harrowing survivathon in the woods fifty four days, alone with only a hatchet, of channeling his inner hunter gatherer It came to be known in Brian s mind as The Time the experience that changed him, molded him, transformed him His conception of food, of time, of nature, the way he approaches the luxuries of modern life all had taken on a different tint from before.Brian, now fifte [...]

  • Hatchet was one of my favorite books as a young boy it fed my desire to travel far away from my suburban existence to face the unknown And here was a boy forced into extraordinary circumstances who survived I didn t care that it was fiction and highly unlikely at times I teach Hatchet now to my 7th graders and they enjoy it especially the boys for the same reasons I did.I only recently discovered that Gary Paulsen wrote several sequels to Hatchet, three now to be exact So I re read Hatchet and t [...]

  • In Hatchet, 13 year old Brian Robeson was forced to spend 54 days alone in the Canadian wilderness when the bush plane pilot had a fatal heart attack and crash landed in a lake, leaving Brian with nothing but his hatchet.Now a government survivalist organization wants him to do it again, so they can improve the way they teach survival techniques Things are going fairly smoothly well, Brian learned a lot in his ordeal but lightning strikes the government man through their 2 way radio, sending him [...]

  • People compare this book to Hatchet I personally think Hatchet worse than this book For people who think it is just one misadventure after another must not have great taste in books This book consists of all the fundamentals of a great book action, adventure, love, humor It isn t as much as getting into the mishaps but how he gets out of them Brian having save someone while also having to survive the harsh conditions of the Candadian wilderness was intriging Paddling down the river was awfully s [...]

  • The River is insane Like if you ever got thrown in the situation Brian went through in this book you would go insane He was sent by the government to again go get lost in the woods and survive, but this Brian would have a buddy with him named Derek Things going as Gary Pualsen does so though Derek gets in a coma So that sets up the insane adventure Thats why i give this story 5 stars because its totally crazy and unbelievable All the river scenes hints the name get miserable and intense everyda [...]

  • First of all, I never really liked reading books until I read the book Hatchet This book really peaked my interest do to all the action and mystery involved This series is pretty much based on the outdoors which I really enjoy A basic rundown on the entire book, try not without any spoilers, is basically that Brian opened his door one day to 3 men at the door They wanted to know if it was okay that he go back and try to survive in the wilderness under a semi controlled survival They all work in [...]

  • This sequel to the classic book Hatchet has an interesting story With people wanting to shoot a documentary for Brian s famous story, a man named Derek comes and asks him if He and Derek, would go back into the eastern Canada wilderness, with Derek taking notes for military survival techniques Once both Brian and Derek make it to the vast Canadian wilderness, a few days after arriving a freak lightning storm causes major conflict, and causes them to lose their communication with the rescue squad [...]

  • I think that this book was alright I feel like Gary Paulsen has made better books I feel like this is a let down compared to his other books but I still liked it I still think that he is a good author but this book made me less impressed The reason I didn t like it was because they made Brian do it again He suffered through a tragic experience and they MADE HIM DO IT AGAIN OMG I do understand that it had to be him though That way he can teach the others how he did it the first time Then he made [...]

  • I thought this book was stunning It really showed me what courage is all about This book is about a man named Brian Robeson and he was once stranded in a forests because the plane that he was riding in had crashed He somehow survived this tragic event, and while in the forest, he had only a small hatchet After this amazing event he was immediately surrounded by radio stations, television stations, news reporters and etc One day he was home alone and a group of instructors came to his house They [...]

  • This book was ok I thought I mean it could have been better but it was still alright Gary Paulsen did a great job as usual of always keeping the reader interested and in he used very good words to make it seem like we were right there with Brian the whole time I thought the storyline was kind of stupid though because it didn t really make sense to me of why the government would send Brian back into the woods were he almost died If you didn t know in the first book which I also recommend reading [...]

  • In the first book, 13 year old Brian survived in the woods by himself for almost 2 months A couple of years later, he is asked to go back to the woods, along with a psychologist, to show how he survived the first time so those skills can be taught to others Unfortunately, things go wrong when they get out there, and Brian needs to save not only himself, but the psychologist, as well I really enjoyed this Ok, not a realistic scenario, but the book was still entertaining I listened to the audio, w [...]

  • Brian goes back out into the wilderness with one person He goes with someone that wants to teach others about the wilderness ,so they can have people know what to do in the wilderness But some things happen to Brian and Derek that they have to leave camp and go to a trading post down river Even bad things happen when they go on the adventure I think that this is a great book because it tell you about the outdoors ,and what to do if your stuck with someone in the wilderness that is hurt.

  • PERSONAL RESPONSEAfter reading Hatchet I had high expectations on this book and Gary Paulsen wrote a book that crushed them This book is so well written and inspiring it s insane I honestly love this book just likeHatchet this book shows that i am lucky to live in a house and not have to live off the land for myselfOT SUMMARYBrian is asked to go back out into the wild for a man named Derek and he goes After a couple days out they encounter a massive thunderstorm and Derek ends up being struck by [...]

  • I really liked almost everything in this book I loved the similes that the author used I loved the characters I loved the descriptive words This book was a real page turner Got me wanting I never really found a dull moment with this book That can be a bad thing for some people You could easily get confused with what is happening in this book This book is a must read for about anyone.

  • I think this story is pretty cool to read about He was a kid that got left in the wilderness for 54 days with only a hatchet to survive, and he did That is pretty cool to do and would mean a lot about yourself You would get a lot of recognition if you could do that I think it it cool how the government wanted him to help military people and astronauts to live out there and be able to survive It is cool as a kid you are getting all this big time attention I thought he wouldn t be able to want to [...]

  • The River This book by Gary Paulsen entitled The River is the second book of his series which followed The Hatchet I think you will enjoy Paulsen s book about bravery, determination, and the strong will to survive The book begins with Brian at his home where he is approached by two government agents and a psychologist that want him to go back out into the wild Brian not only survived a plane crash two years prior but was able to survive being stranded on an island for 56 days The agents would li [...]

  • PERSONAL RESPONSE I found The River to be a very interesting, intriguing book With Brian having gone through something like this before, I thought this journey of his would be easy I didn t think that Derek would have survived being struck by lightning PLOT In this book, Brian is sent back out into the woods, except this time, he has Derek there observing him to see how he survives They are there for three days before a thunder storm hits There is massive lightning strikes all around, and one un [...]

  • I thought The River was a very good and exciting book The first book I read by Gary Paulsen was Hatchet I enjoyed reading that book, so I looked for books by him, and I found The River The River is a book that takes place after Brian gets rescued from the wilderness after forty four days When Brian got rescued, the government thought that he was really good at survival technique for surviving, so they asked him to teach the government official how to survive with nothing Brian agreed and they s [...]

  • This story had showed me to fight against your fears and when you fight against them you won t fear them again First I m going just to tell you a short summary on the main parts of this book This story is about a guy called Brian ones few years ago he had crash and pass than 1 month in an island with nobody else, until finally he found a packet with a radio and called another airplane to rescue him, some years pass and the government want Brian to teach them how to survive in the forest with no [...]

  • Summary This book was about brain in the last book it talked about him going on a plane and falling out of the sky the he survived in a deserted place and got out safely This book is similar because at the beginning there is a person named Derick to see how he did it so he wanted brain to go out and do it again, but this time Derick would be at his side the whole time to take notes and if anything happened all he had to do was radio in But then something tragic happened The person that he was wi [...]

  • The River By Gary Paulsen is sort of like a follow up to his earlier award winning book The Hatchet In this epic thrilling book Brian, the main character, is headed back to the wilderness to do it all over again Of course he s not doing this under his free will, the government has asked him to do go back so that they can study the techniques that kept Brian alive These techniques will be used by the military and astronauts who need these skills to survive But Brian isn t going alone, he is accom [...]

  • The book The River is about the boy nmaed Brian and he is also the main character from Hatchet In this book three guys come to Brian s house to see if he would like to go back to the same forest that he was stranded in and spend some time camping there The reason is the men wanted to know how to survive in the woods Brian will teach one of the men how to survive in the wilderness so then they can teach it to other people At first Brian thought that it was a crazy idea, but he decided that it was [...]

  • The River by Gary Paulsen, is a sequel to his famous book Hatchet The River is about Brian Robeson, who is now fifteen years old Two years ago, Brian was stranded out in the Canadian wilderness for fifty four days after crashing in a plane Two years later, everything had returned to normal for him except one day when a man named Derek Holtzer visited him and his mom He asked them about Brian going back into the woods to redo what he did two years ago, so that the military could use some survival [...]

  • I read the book The River by Gary Paulsen This book is an exceptionally good book Gary Paulsen does a good job of describing the settings and what takes place in the book The characters are very well described and fit the role in the book very well.Brian who is the main character in this book fits the role perfectly Brian is a high school kid who was stuck in the wild in a book before this Brian has a very strong personality and is very strong as an individual Brian has had a lot of things put o [...]

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