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[PDF] Promise Me Forever | by ↠ Paige Weaver - Promise Me Forever, Promise Me Forever From the New York Times USA Today and international bestselling author Paige Weaver comes the epic conclusion of her fourth book Promise Me Once In the weak there is strength In despair there i|[PDF] Promise Me Forever | by ↠ Paige Weaver, Promise Me Forever, Paige Weaver, Promise Me Forever From the New York Times USA Today and international bestselling author Paige Weaver comes the epic conclusion of her fourth book Promise Me Once In the weak there is strength In despair there is hope My world was dark Survival was tough But the end of the world saved me It taught me to love To go on living In its darkness I found myself In its bleakness IFrom the New Yo

  • Title: Promise Me Forever
  • Author: Paige Weaver
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Promise Me Forever | by ↠ Paige Weaver, Promise Me Forever, Paige Weaver, Promise Me Forever From the New York Times USA Today and international bestselling author Paige Weaver comes the epic conclusion of her fourth book Promise Me Once In the weak there is strength In despair there is hope My world was dark Survival was tough But the end of the world saved me It taught me to love To go on living In its darkness I found myself In its bleakness IFrom the New Yo [PDF] Promise Me Forever | by ↠ Paige Weaver - Promise Me Forever, Promise Me Forever From the New York Times USA Today and international bestselling author Paige Weaver comes the epic conclusion of her fourth book Promise Me Once In the weak there is strength In despair there i

[PDF] Promise Me Forever | by ↠ Paige Weaver - Promise Me Forever, Promise Me Forever From the New York Times USA Today and international bestselling author Paige Weaver comes the epic conclusion of her fourth book Promise Me Once In the weak there is strength In despair there i

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  • [PDF] Promise Me Forever | by ↠ Paige Weaver
    333 Paige Weaver
Promise Me Forever

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    Paige Weaver s first passion has always been reading Many hours of her childhood were spent getting lost between the pages of a book, disappearing into other worlds That turned into a love for writing at a young age Her first book, Promise Me Darkness, became a New York Times and two time USA Today bestseller.Paige lives in Texas with her husband and two children When she s not writing or reading, you can find her chasing her kids around and living her very own happily ever after.

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  • Is there love after the end of the worldI sure hope so.Book Title Promise Me ForeverAuthor Paige WeaverSeries Promise Me Series 4Genre Apocalyptic, New AdultSource Own Kindle E Book My Pick for Book Theme Song The Way I Feel by 12 Stones mixed with Get Me Away From You by Hinder These two seem so confused, so they get two songs.Ratings BreakdownPlot 4.3 5Characters 4.5 5The Feels 4.3 5Addictiveness 5 5Theme 4.5 5Flow 4 5Backdrop World Building 5 5Originality 4.5 5Book Cover 3 5Ending 4 5 Cliffha [...]

  • 5 Forget Me StarsWhen Paige Weaver surprised us all with the 4th book in the Promise Me Series before Christmas, I was a little excited It s no secret I love this series It is lights out one of my favorites See what I did there lights out Warning 1 This is the 4th in a the series I would not recommend reading it without reading the others It is a direct continuation from Book 3 and is set up with overlapping characters from Book 1 2.Warning 2 This review does not contain spoilers for Book 4, but [...]

  • This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksWhen we met Cash in the first two Promise Me books, I wasn t sure if I really liked him PROMISE ME ONCE had me changing my opinion of this domineering cowboy, but PROMISE ME FOREVER had me just as smitten with the man as Cat was.The story starts with Cat, Cash, Gavin and Keely still in Hillside trying to figure out how to get out of the somewhat deranged town And when their escape goes badly, Cash turns into a man that is convinced he gets [...]

  • There are many reviews available on this book that summarize actions pretty well It is a direct continuation of Promise Me Once, so reading book 3 before venturing on to Promise Me Forever is a must I have really enjoyed this series to date, but this one let me down I found it pretty hard to like Cat and I only liked Cash when he wasn t around Cat Talk about oil and water Like another review says, the characters deserved I expected them to get their s t together given the danger they both were [...]

  • Modern day Western BackdropPromise me Forever is continuation of Cat and Cash s story, picking up exactly where they left off in Promise me Once The world as they know it is still upside down and turned inside out This creates a fast paced gun toting modern day western backdrop of shoot first and ask questions later I loved that about this series The strong, protective male characters keep me coming back for Unfortunately, I found myself, especially in the first half of the book, becoming a lit [...]

  • 5 AMAZING STARSWowing this book, I was left utterly speechless.I ve been a huge fan of Paige Weaver s writing since first discovering her with Promise Me Darkness.Paige Weaver has the astounding writing ability to bring not only the characters to life, but her words engulf the readers, pulling you into this crazy war driven world she s created All of her books, have left me reeling, but this one was by far the best of the entire series I loved every moment of it, from beginning to end There was [...]

  • Rating 6 out of 5 StarsPOV Hers His 1st personNaughty Factor 5 out of 5Holy Shitballs That was one amazing ride So much happens from start to finish that I was riveted to every word and couldn t stop until I reached the end The conclusion to Cat and Cash s story had so much angst, frustration, heartache and action I wanted to throttle the both of them for their stubbornness and then turnaround and hold them at the same time The return of some evil doers makes their reunion difficult and short li [...]

  • 3.5 StarsPromise Me Forever is the continuation of Paige Weaver s Promise Me Once This review may contain spoilers if you have not read PMO, we pick up right where we left off.The world is in shambles after an EMP attack years ago Cash and Cat along with their friends and family are just trying to survive I took another second to stare at her The night we met, I found myself mesmerized by a girl that wasn t my type She was spoiled and rich and too high maintenance for a cowboy like me I was a sa [...]

  • I received an ARC for an honest review Another great addition to this series I have been in love with this series and it s characters since the beginning and I am so happy that Cash got his HEA True to the rest of this series, it kept me on the edge of my seat So many emotions ran through me while I was reading this book until the very end and even then I was holding my breath waiting to see what was next Many times during this book I was gutted I was hurt and angry by all the things that Cash a [...]

  • I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review This series is hands down one of my all time favorite It s got it all Love, passion, adventure, action, suspense and soooooo much I never thought I d fall for Cash like I did Ryder in the beginning, but boy was I wrong Cash is the strong silent cowboy in the corner who rarely opens up to anyone, but when he does, watch out Cat and Cash have been through it all I love these two They re the most unlikely pair, but they share a connection like no [...]

  • a FANtastic conclusion to Cash and Cat s story Every book in this series flawed me The whole concept alone blew me away and I loved each and everyone of these books And like all of them I couldn t put them down This picks up right where the last one ends The war is still going on, people are starving and becoming scavengers Cash, Cat, Tate, Gavin and Keely are in this town where things are just too good to be true and plan to escape While escaping Cat gets shot and Cash puts the blame on himself [...]

  • PhenomenalPROMISE ME FOREVER is Paige Weaver at her absolute best This book is a real page turner and I felt gutted and broken hearted only 10% into the book My emotions were tossed all over the place throughout the remainder of the book my kindle drowned in my tears it exploded with the sheer heat and passion between Cash and Cat I drowned in my tears and I exploded from Cat s and Cash s passion Oh, Paige Weaver, you have out done yourself on this one Truly remarkable and magnificent Ms Weaver [...]

  • Yet another addictive read The Promise me series is one of my all time favourites I just loved the post apocalyptic theme People are downright evil, it s scary Loved Maddie and Ryder and didn t much care about Cash until we got to see him up close I think I just loved Ryder and Maddie together But Cash was a fantastic character even when he was being a total dick to Cat you still loved him He would fight to the death for those he loved Cat I didn t think I would like either but she was than a s [...]

  • This book pissed me off in the first book they played cat and mouse with each other and that was fine, but the reason they kept playing cat and mouse with each other is beyond juvenile I really REALLY wanted to stop reading, but I love the story so much I kept going but damn it was hard Cash started being a complete ASSHOLE after Cat was shot because she jumped in front of a bullet for him So he thought if she didn t love him any she wouldn t ever be hurt again SERIOUSLY You can come up with som [...]

  • Cash doesn t appreciate his woman talking about another man, Adam, I said automatically, tilting Cash s head forward so I could get a good look at the gash on his head His gaze snapped up to mine Heated fury swirled in his eyes I let go of his head and cleared my throat His name is Adam Seriously he just can t handle it, he took a step closer, his voice dropping to a spine tingling tone As far as you and me, I ll survive As far as him He touched you, Cat The real question is, will he survive I l [...]

  • Cat and Cash have their story continue in heart breaking form in this book.You do need to read Promise Me Once before reading this book Now what i will say next will include small bits of info but no direct spoilers as much as i can Cash is still so adorable but what he does to Cat in this book makes you want to hate him, as he does something heartbreaking, but it is for the greater good of themselves The story continues and again is fulled with tension,romance and the need to survive I wanted t [...]

  • HOLLY SHIT, FUE M S DE LO QUE ESPERABA.Por fin, en una sentada me le otra vez un libro de Paige Weaver que me hizo pensar en tantas cosas Cosas que uno piensa que es imposible que puedan pasar, pero luego razonas y te das cuenta que si pueden pasar Entonces ah empiezas a maquinarte y planear un ba l lleno de cosas para un mundo post apocal ptico estilo soy leyenda , Walking dead y The book of Eli.Paige Weaver otra vez has cautivado mi coraz n y sobre todo con este cierre.Ojal pueda haber una his [...]

  • This series is the perfect balance of action and romance, there is a decent plot line which compared to some books in the genre is a definite step up.I don t really have a whole lot to say about this book as it was a couple of weeks since I finished it, but it was a good conclusion to the story line and I enjoyed seeing a few characters at the end from the previous books I d recommend you read it if you have read the others before.

  • Cash Cat Will They SurviveTheir story continues will keep you on the edge of your seat til the end Will Cat survive Will Cash survive Their lives are threatened, their relationship pushed to the limits, friendships formed, bonds built with unlikely allies A must read Paige continues to give us awesome stories Hope to get Cash Cat can t wait for Gavin Keely s story Our favorites Ryder Maddie make an appearance

  • Phenomenal conclusion to Cash and Cat s story They are faced with many dangers, trust is tested and enemies become allies Who will survive Will Cash and Cat find their happily ever after or will they end up destroying one another I love this series and all the wonderful characters, old friends will make an appearance I can t wait to find out about Gavin and Keeley s adventure and who is Adam really This book was an emotional rollercoaster ride and I couldn t put it down

  • This was the Best book I ve read this year, well the best series and i have read 63 books this year Paige Weaver you are an Amazing writer AMAZING and I don t tend to write reviews because I just go through books to fast but this series was just amazing I think I nearly cried because it ended and the ending was perfect You made the characters come to life and you made me love them I wish they never ended Dayna

  • I always think why when I am enjoying a great book that my life seems to get in the way The book just like the other books in this series tells a intense story It grabs a hold of you on page one and doesn t let you go until the end I held my breath on many chapters In the mist of chaos there is a great love story about a beauty queen and a cowboy A must read

  • Another HOT READ I really enjoy the characters they seem so real In the end I wanted to slap Cat with her pathetic weakness She attacked everyone and was so afraid she couldn t react or participate Everyone was fighting to help her and she just narrowed in on Cash and that s it In the end it worked out especially with Cash as her protector.

  • This was such a awesome read I have loved this series I think it s the reality of how possible this situation could happen But I don t want it to be over Won t you please reconsider Paige Weaverere is stillSo much left to tell about Keely, Gavin, Tate, Adam, the list goes on PLEASE don t let this be the end

  • So disappointed in this book Nothing other than sex happens in this book until 53% ,even after that it s mostly just sex No action , machine guns or bad guy killings Just mostly sex oh and hero being an ass bc he wants heroin to stop loving him corny The action scenes were cringe worthy , Super cheesy.

  • Soo good It s not often that you find a series that just sucks you in and this story of Cash and Cat did just that I would recommend reading the first two books starting with with Promise me Darkness and continue from there you will want to have that connection with those characters in this book Super great chemistry Outside the box with this storyline always refreshing

  • 3.5This book gave me the ending I wanted yet the book itself was really nothing but waiting, fighting and sex I feel a lot of it was filler I had a hard time with the way Cash was with Cat and how she just bent to him Everytime.

  • Great story lineI really liked these 2 books Both books were a little slow in the beginning but pick up the pace nicely and ended up being non stop emotional roller coaster rides Definitely worth reading.

  • WowI am in love with this seriesI wish it never ended lol s hard to deal with the real world in this series and that s why I love it it s not like the other books out there and shows everything love and survival and every one is differentI want lol

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