The Goal

[PDF] The Goal | by ✓ Elle Kennedy - The Goal, The Goal Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereShe s good at achieving her goals College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out graduate from college kick butt in law sch|[PDF] The Goal | by ✓ Elle Kennedy, The Goal, Elle Kennedy, The Goal Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereShe s good at achieving her goals College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out graduate from college kick butt in law school and land a high paying job at a cutthroat firm Her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn t include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in love at firstLibrarian s note An

  • Title: The Goal
  • Author: Elle Kennedy
  • ISBN: 9781533344342
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] The Goal | by ✓ Elle Kennedy, The Goal, Elle Kennedy, The Goal Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereShe s good at achieving her goals College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out graduate from college kick butt in law school and land a high paying job at a cutthroat firm Her path to escaping her shameful past certainly doesn t include a gorgeous hockey player who believes in love at firstLibrarian s note An [PDF] The Goal | by ✓ Elle Kennedy - The Goal, The Goal Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereShe s good at achieving her goals College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out graduate from college kick butt in law sch

[PDF] The Goal | by ✓ Elle Kennedy - The Goal, The Goal Librarian s note An alternate cover edition can be found hereShe s good at achieving her goals College senior Sabrina James has her whole future planned out graduate from college kick butt in law sch

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  • [PDF] The Goal | by ✓ Elle Kennedy
    287 Elle Kennedy
The Goal

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    A New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Elle Kennedy grew up in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, and holds a B.A in English from York University From an early age, she knew she wanted to be a writer, and actively began pursuing that dream when she was a teenager.Elle currently writes for various publishers She loves strong heroines and sexy alpha heroes, and just enough heat and danger to keep things interesting

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  • 4 Stars I dedicate this review to my homie, Starla She knows who she is and she knows why Also, SPOILERS I usually don t read too many reviews on a book that I REALLY want and pretty much know I am going to read no matter what which is kind of a given for me when it comes to Elle Kennedy and this series until after I ve read it but I broke my own rule on this one and read a few whoopsRandom tangent I laughed at myself when I typed in rule up there.g that I don t see rules as being rules so much [...]

  • Proceed with Caution There will be spoilers for the previous book, The Score So if you re planning to or haven t read The Score yet, skip reading my review until you do so because some of the events in that book will be discussed here But if you re planning on skipping The Score but want to read this book, then go ahead It took me a while to settle on my rating for this book I was waffling between 3.5 stars to 4 stars I had some issues but at the same time, I really, really liked the characters [...]

  • Edit If you re looking for the paperback with the abs cover it can be found on Elle s website And you even get a signed bookplate with it After reading this I want to go back in time and smack past me for ever wanting Sabrina to be with Dean Clearly they would have been horrible for one another so I don t even know what I was thinking Tucker ending up being the perfect one for Sabrina and they were the perfect couple I loved seeing them together so much because they were very different from each [...]

  • The Goal is the fourth book in Elle Kennedy s Off Campus series This is one of my most favorite NA Sports Romance series I love these characters and their stories As soon as I finished the last read, I was dying for Tucker and Sabrina s book Tucker was amazing just as I knew he would be, and I, for one, was pleasantly surprised with Sabrina s character I loved her as well Sabrina James is a serious student with some serious goals Because of the way she grew up and how her life is, she will do an [...]

  • 3 STARSThis is the fourth book in this series and as with the prior installments, this too can be read as a standalone As for the story, I have to agree with Dean Di Laurentis hero from the prior book on his thoughts about this heroine, Sabrina James Sabrina is a cold bitch and not even a cool one at that I think the BIG issue is that the author didn t plan on a reader not liking the heroine so redeeming her throughout the story wasn t a concern The story stayed course and my hopes that she was [...]

  • 5 Seeing Your Goals Clearly Stars SPOILER FREE IT S LIVE It is no secret I have had a deep affection for this series from the very beginning When I tuck in and start to read something which hits all of the feel goods for me I will go all in Elle Kennedy created a college environment where a group of Elite Hockey Players bonded, worked together on and off the ice and became men over the course of their time at this college Each man had their own back storyme easyme not so much, but when each was [...]

  • 3.75 STARSI hate to tell you this, Sabrina But you ve made a big mistake What Why His fingers draw my thong tight, the fabric cutting into my swollen lips Because I m going to ruin you for all future guys I apologize in advance Time out Did anyone else just have a pervy hot flash here No Seriously You re a bunch of lying liars, is what you are You totally did Admit it That line right there just totally revved your engines.It s always the quiet ones, isn t it Well if I had known the mouth that be [...]

  • Okay ladies, we have a new winner Tucker 3 sigh First of all I must say, I love Garrett to the moon and back 1st Book The Deal He s my favorite in this series and the other boys were so sweet too Logan Dean BUT Tucker, my god I really, really loved him a lot That guy is hot as fuck but also he s so kind and thoughtful too He really melt my heart and oh he wet my panties too Yep, I have no shame and I m not even sorry for that hot minutes PI highly recommend this series everyone.

  • 3.5 Sabrina s a witch bitch stars Ugh, I have a hard time rating The Goal At first I decided to go for 4 stars, since I loved this series wholeheartedly But then I recalled that I rated The Score with 4 stars, which I enjoyed way , so I have to put these books in order of preference Tucker is Mr Popular, with his swarm of admirers and impeccable manners and that reddish hair that makes him look like he belongs in some old timey family sitcom where life is perfect, perfect, perfect.I m the overac [...]

  • I was one of the last of my friends to read The Deal, the first book in the Off Campus series, and I fell in love I told everyone I knew to read these books and they too fell in love too This series is hilarious, fun and sexy It s not over the top or anything crazy, but it s addictive and reading these books just gives me such a high I swear I have a constant smile on my face The Goal is the fourth book in the series, so going in I had an idea of what this book would be about I actually think th [...]

  • The possessive Tucker is one that no one can get tired of Even with his mysterious characters Originality is a word that is rare to find in a book Especially romance books, but Elle Kennedy has found a way to overcome the definition of originality in The Goal, the fourth installment in the Off Campus Series because every word that is written in this wonderful story I definitely recommend it in every way to read this story, out TODAY September 26th Elle Kennedy has ruined all sports romance books [...]

  • 3.5 StarsCan I take John Tucker home I loved The Goal Elle Kennedy has always been very good at this genre and once again she managed to delight me with her writing style The book started off so good that I was like But when I hit 70% Sabrina the heroine did finally get on my nerves She s honestly the main reason why this book didn t make it to my 4 5 Stars list I always have a big issue with characters that annoy me, most especially heroines who can t seem to make up their minds and have the te [...]

  • 4 stars He s sweet and earnest and clearly has money, whereas I m bitchy and stressed and live in the gutter So if you haven t read The Score, my review will have minor spoilers The Goal is the story of Tucker and Sabrina We ve met both in the previous book, Sabrina was portrayed as a raving bitch and Tucker has always been the strong and silent type The two have an unexpected night of passion, and Tucker is itching for But Sabrina has home issues and life goals that don t make room for a norma [...]

  • Title The GoalSeries Off Campus 4Author Elle KennedyRelease date September 26, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler This is very possibly my favorite New Adult series If not in the top spot, it sits way up in the clouds of New Adult heaven The delightful perfection of the banter, the entire group of friends that charm the pants off of you, make the Off Campus books irresistible With each book I seem to fall in little in love with each couple and anticipate the next even But for [...]

  • 3 STARSThis was another one of my most anticipated books, so you can imagine my excitement and high expectations for The Goal Well I can t say that I m really happy because even though I loved the story and Tucker was perfect Sabrina ruined the story for me.This was really strange because usually when I don t like a heroine from the beginning in the end I loved her but this time didn t happen.Tucker was amazing I loved him so much, he was so sweet.Overall it was a sweet,hot and passionate story [...]

  • TITLE The GoalSERIES Off Campus, 4 AUTHOR Elle Kennedy GENRE CONTEMPORARY ROMANCECHAPTERS 39 Epilogue RELEASE DATE September 26th 2016Buddy read with Sonya Chatterbooks book blog MY RATING 4 STARS THE GOAL This is the BOOK 4 within this series and as with prior installments, this also can be read as a standalone This book is Tucker and Sabrina s narrative which is spoken in Dual Perspectives Everything I presumed about Sabrina in the previous book were so off base, my first initial thoughts of h [...]

  • Coming into this story, I had an idea of what I thought it would be like and I m pleased to say that what I got was definitely I don t think Tucker could have been a better guy all around He was sexy as hell, yes, but he was also sweet, responsible, funny, supportive, smart, thoughtful, and so much He wasn t perfect but he was definitely the guy to bring home to mama and settle down with Sabrina wasn t exactly who she comes off as in other books either There s to her than a prickly, ambitious [...]

  • Sometimes your goals need readjusting.Well, that was kind of heavy I guess I wasn t expecting it to be as heavy as it was, to be honest That s not necessarily a bad thing, it was just a lot serious than the other ones The Off Campus series definitely had serious parts but it was filled with humour, cheeky shenanigans and sexy times as well The Goal had some of these qualities but there weren t a lot When I sat back at the end of the book, though, I realised I shouldn t have been expecting shena [...]

  • FOUR GOAL ASSIST STARS If he wants a life with the woman of his dreams, he ll have to convince her that some goals can only be made with an assist I ve loved this series from the start Naturally, I was just a smidgen excited to start reading the next in line for my very healthy Elle Kennedy addiction Who am I kidding, I jumped around my house like a girl gone loon This book was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and for the most part it ticked all of my bibliophile boxes and left me on [...]

  • 4 Stars The Goal was sure to be a book that was a hit or miss with a lot of people, the heroine was not the person who a lot of people wanted for Tucker, because in previous books she has come across as being a 100% bitch, but I am happy to say that I actually fell in love with the heroine a lot than I though I would, she won me over and I thought she was a decent human being with a lot of love to give.Not all women are as forthcoming with their affections as others, and since Sabrina James gre [...]

  • Gosh, I hate myself right now I don t know when I will have time to review this book properly maybe on Wednesday or Thursday but let me tell you real quick how I fell about this book.I liked it but I didn t love it And I don t know if it s me because I did struggle with some things but I really have no clue.I liked Sabrina but there were times where I wanted to freaking slap her Like, I knew where she was coming from, and as I person who also struggles with commitment issues and feeling as a who [...]

  • Ok, so I m a little late to the party, so what The hero really made the book in this case, in my opinion He s so so sooooo yummy and sweet and nice and solid and I just love him to bits This is definitely not the direction I was expecting a college romance to go and I can t say I m particularly happy about it but somehow I ate it up and was left fairly satisfied I don t even know how to review this without giving spoilers so I ll just say I liked it and leave it at that reviewfail

  • 4 You re a SAINT, Tuck stars Well, this was the last book of the Off campus series and if i will say that i didn t have a great time with those guys, i will be lying But thankfully, Elle will do a spin off series and I m so happy because i need Fitzy s story Please, Elle, say that you will write his story Maybe with Summer Garrett, Logan, Dean and Tucker will always stay in my heart They were all of them awesome and i loved them all for different reasonsAnd i loved and their girls very much, but [...]

  • Sorry not doing a review as there is brilliant reviews on GR So this is it this is mine Remember the Name youtube watch v dLWo_Katy Perry This Is How We Doyoutube watch v 7RMQkNa Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbyeyoutube watch v 8IUIYQueen We Will Rock Youyoutube watch v tJYNQueen We Are The Championsyoutube watch v 04854To the Author D Bon Jovi It s My Lifeyoutube watch v vx2u5

  • 2.5It is very, very simple This book has got all the many little, and ultimately innocuous, flaws that could be spotted in the previous books as well please find them all under the heading clich s plus a big, ginormous, intolerable problem, also known as Sabrina James Now, and let it be clear, I m all for strong and independent female characters I sincerely think literature won t ever have enough of them But I also am firmly of the opinion that being proud is one thing, being stubborn is another [...]

  • 4.5 Darlin Stars ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review Is always the quiet onesTucker sights The Goal was sooooo good, I want to scream, and shout Can this series get any better I guess it can, because Elle Kennedy keeps knocking it out of the park with these incredibly amazing stories I loved Loved Loved it Tucker is the quiet, bearded hockey player we have previously met in other books Always cooking for the team, always a gentleman and with a sexy as hell Texas accent [...]

  • 4 Tucker STARSThe Off Campus series is one of my favourite in the NA Romantic Sports genre I ve loved each and every one of these guys from G right through to this book about Tucker As for Sabrina, I was seriously intrigued with the bits we saw of her and Beau sniff, sniff and Dean s HUGE dislike I m being kind of her I was on the fence as to whether or not I d like her But I must say, Elle had me loving Sabrina PDQ.The story direction was a total surprise, set up at the end of The Score With Tu [...]

  • 4 Stars The Off Campus series has been one of my favorites of all time and just when I think the leading men couldn t get any better, Elle goes and give me John Tucker It s not really fair you know, how are we suppose to choose between Garrett, Logan, Dean, and now John You.Cant Tucker took southern gentleman to a whole new meaning and ladies let me tell you, he was absolute perfection Sabrina is determined to make something out of her life Growing up poor and having her nana raise her wasn t aw [...]

  • If this is about Tucker and SabrinaThe ending of The Score KILLED ME.We had dirty talking, cheeky Garrett.We had mistake making, sweetheart Logan.We had badass, rich, hot af Dean.So if this is about Tucker bring on the feelings FEELINGS.

  • ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewGOOOAAAAAAL Elle Kennedy once again has me cheering big time as she reunites readers with the beloved cast of the Off Campus Series The Goal is the fourth installment and this time the spotlight is on John Tucker I swear Elle Kennedy can write about anything and I will still be addicted and in this installment, she has made me a huge John Tucker fan TuckYeah He has confidence without the ego, which is the biggest turn on ever The Goal was a [...]

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