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☆ 2015 on Goodreads ✓ Various - 2015 on Goodreads, on Goodreads You ve probably found your way to this page because you read a lot and review what you read on If so here s your chance to review your entire reading and reviewing history and post it under this|☆ 2015 on Goodreads ✓ Various, 2015 on Goodreads, Various, on Goodreads You ve probably found your way to this page because you read a lot and review what you read on If so here s your chance to review your entire reading and reviewing history and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like Together all the reviews should make an interesting and varied catalogue of books to inspire other rYou ve probably fou

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☆ 2015 on Goodreads ✓ Various, 2015 on Goodreads, Various, on Goodreads You ve probably found your way to this page because you read a lot and review what you read on If so here s your chance to review your entire reading and reviewing history and post it under this title so that others can see what your reading year was like Together all the reviews should make an interesting and varied catalogue of books to inspire other rYou ve probably fou ☆ 2015 on Goodreads ✓ Various - 2015 on Goodreads, on Goodreads You ve probably found your way to this page because you read a lot and review what you read on If so here s your chance to review your entire reading and reviewing history and post it under this

☆ 2015 on Goodreads ✓ Various - 2015 on Goodreads, on Goodreads You ve probably found your way to this page because you read a lot and review what you read on If so here s your chance to review your entire reading and reviewing history and post it under this

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  • ☆ 2015 on Goodreads ✓ Various
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2015 on Goodreads

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    Various is the correct author for any book with multiple unknown authors, and is acceptable for books with multiple known authors, especially if not all are known or the list is very long over 50.If an editor is known, however, Various is not necessary List the name of the editor as the primary author with role editor Contributing authors names follow it.Note WorldCat is an excellent resource for finding author information and contents of anthologies.

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  • Okay, let s do this I actually thought 2015 was a pretty good year for books and I m surprised my average rating was right down the middle I had lots of pleasant surprises with Contemporary YA and I kicked off the year by helping to over hype An Ember in the Ashes I regret NOTHING.I also started vlogging and will return very soon , so I mentioned a lot of my favourite books over on youtube Favourite books are hard to pick and I always find myself wondering whether it s really right to include th [...]

  • user year_ifloat em if you got em all year long 2015 was the year i dropped the ballis is the year i STILL didn t read bone clocks or give faulkner another shot or read tolstoy or harry potter and it s the year i let life crud get in the way of reading to the extent that there were days i read nothing at all which is chilling but lists first, excuses and regrets later with special thanks to Sarah former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans for teaching me how to do things pretty and of cou [...]

  • 2015 55 22500 Soon 55 10 01 Under the Dome Stephen King , , , Under the Dome 01 Blindness Jos Saramago Blindness 02 Career of Evil Robert Galbraith aka J.K Rowling Career of Evil 02 Sharp Objects Gillian Flynn Gone Girl Sharp Objects 03 A Song of Ice and Fire 1 , 3 George R.R Martin 03 A Song of Ice and Fire 2 , 4 George R.R MartinA Game of Thrones , , , , A Game of Thrones A Clash of Kings A Storm of Sowrds 04 Inferno Dan Brown Inferno Inferno 04 Deception Point Dan Brown Deception Point 05 Nig [...]

  • I am truly glad that kept with this new tradition of having a place where we can share our reading experience during the year, that in this case, it s 2015 so let s buckle up Here we go again This stats, sums and personal awards are based solely in the books that I was able to read during 2015, not matter if they were published in that particular year or not.2015 RATINGS STATSBooks with 5 stars 39Books with 4 stars 49Books with 3 stars 22Books with 2 stars 4Books with 1 star None2015 Average Rat [...]

  • 2015 A JourneyIt has been for the first time in my life yes, the first First Time that I d read than 40 books, in one year time frame All this started than five years back, when I really started reading, which eventually, turned me into a regular reader which I guess, I m now I can t live without reading books any As I m getting older, my love for books reading and buying is also growing, day by day There is not even a single day that passes by when I don t read reading has become an addiction [...]

  • This year my first ever whole year has been amazing And you, my friends, have been amazing.I only started writing reviews on here around a year or so ago despite being a member since early 2014 I didn t think people would actually want to read what I had to say, but it turns out a few did So, I carried on writing, and now I m completely addicted to this website Sometimes I feel like I only read so I can post a review on here praising or criticising the book Well, not entirely Reading is my life [...]

  • My 2015 Speaking personally I m glad to see the back of it, but let s talk about booksTHE YEAR IN FICTION THE GOOD STUFFI got round to a few famous books which delighted me and some that were like shoving your hand in a toaster or finding yourself in that pothole in The Descent which I will come to in a moment Love goes out to No Country for Old Men and As I Lay Dying, they were great the 1001 books list gave me The Life and Death of Harriet Frean and also The Charwoman s Daughter neither of wh [...]

  • This has been my most treasured year on GR Not because I ve read dozens of books and thousands of pages though I have , nor worked through an alphabetical or genre challenge I haven t , nor joined the top 5 reviewers in the UK I can dream , but because my reading life, and thus my life in general, has been tremendously enriched That s been true in the seven previous years, but to a far greater and deeper extent in 2015 and it s thanks to you, my GoodReads friends Even the idea for this book came [...]

  • This was the year of the ARC for me I have always loved reading new releases so I have very much enjoyed getting involved in NetGalley and Edelweiss and having the opportunity to read so many books before publication One drawback is that the rest of the books on my tbr list and books already on my kindle have been neglected Next year I hope to read of what I have I think I said that earlier this year too During this year my favorites were selected by month for a thread in one of my groups Here [...]

  • I ve read and reviewed lots of great books this year but these are my top favorites 1 The Air He Breathes and Art Soul by Brittainy C Cherry 2 Addicted After Alland Long Way Down by Krista Becca Ritchie this is also my MUST READ SERIES of the year 3 Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez 4 Kick Pushby Jay McLean 5 True Love Wayby Mary Elizabeth 6 Kyland by Mia Sheridan 7 Walk Through Fire by Kristen Ashley 8 The Play by Karina Halle 9 Paper Hearts by Claire Contreas 10 321 by JA HussIf I had to title [...]

  • 2015 was a good reading year for me, and it was a year that came with a lot of changes Emotionally it was a tough year and I think that the situations I experienced told me what to read I don t know if I ve ever been thankful to be a reader as I was this year So much of my reading turned out to be comforting and serendipitous, and I ended up reading books I didn t even know I needed to read And because of circumstances, I wasn t able to write as many reviews as I normally do, but I was able to [...]

  • 2015 The Year of the Multyplying Book Shelves.Last January, I might have had a total of five shelves on my profile page By the beginning of December I had ninety five My space had grown a mezzanine, and it looks like it will soon sprout an annexe I love my gr bookshelves nearly as much as my real life bookshelves some of which actually live on a mezzanine and of which are fast colonising the rest of the house, all the while accumulating dust in contrast to their pristine gr counterparts The bor [...]

  • 2015 was a heartbreaking year, both in my reading life and my personal life And yet, and yet 2015 was also wondrous I read some superfantasticamazing books this year In 2015, perhaps so than ever before, I appreciated how being a reader can open up the world, can help you understand other people and give you a fresh perspective on your own life In short, books helped me survive.To begin, 2015 was the year I discovered Elena Ferrante s Neapolitan Novels Truly, I did not expect to love this serie [...]

  • Yikes, I read books this year than I have in years Of those books I rated 47 of them five stars, 217 of them four stars, 92 reached a three star, 56 received 2 stars and 28 got the big 1 star I DNF d 14 books, yes I counted them because I lost precious time trying to read them 4 books out of the total I declined to rate Because I knew the author and he had requested that So take that turkey heads that like to say that I just love rating books badly The figures are in Maury Povich says that is a [...]

  • I so look forward to this new tradition of being able to come up with some personal book awards 2015 was overall a wonderful reading experience I read 47 books and may still finish one or two by year s end I may have to edit this piece if they happen to fit in any of the categories.Let s get started.Let s begin with the raspberriesOK I WAS MOST AFRAID TO HATE Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace.This was the only book I was not able to finish For the life of me I felt such antipathy towards th [...]

  • I wasn t sure if I was going to do one of these but then I thought why not I ve seen some really creative ones over the last couple of weeks I ve enjoyed reading all the different ones and have since added even books to my to be read shelf Since I m not so good at being creative I m going to go with simple I m going to focus on the books that I rated highly either 4.5 or 5 stars I would also like to say that I ve met some really fantastic people here on and it s been great getting to know you a [...]

  • A most satisfying year on For the first time ever, I was able to complete 100 books OK, there was some cheating some are online stories, some are cartoon collections, and I did not finish two but in a count of one hundred, some leeway is allowed, no I have rated the books as follows 5 stars 74 stars 393 stars 342 stars 91 star 11An average of 3.22 below my normal 3.47 average But this does not mean I had a bad year there were many books I read knowing fully well were awful Heaven is for Real A L [...]

  • This year was a good reading year for me My average rating for 2015 is something like 3.9 stars I think that s thanks to my very wise decision to stop requesting ARCs Still, there were some duds BEST OF 20151.2 3 4 OF 20151.

  • NO OFFICIAL RATING FOR MY READING YEAR 2015 Winners and losers posted December 17, 2015I ve rated six books with five stars this year Here they are I honestly didn t give a rat s ass for what was up for vote at the Choice Awards And if I had to pick only one favorite book, then I d choose The Muse, a personal highlight To me, it s the very best erotic romance book of the year Anne Calhoun is also one of my top favorite authors She s my erotic romance goddess because no one writes such exquisite, [...]

  • Am I too late for this review Oh heck Its never too late to sing the song of books, especially if they are literally music to my ears and soul It was a year of frenzied reading And for once, the pace was fueled not by madness but serenity The serene I felt, the deeper I sunk sunk into the world of books, of characters, of emotions, of questions, of dilemmas, of contemplation, of statements and above all, of many truths That this world has such remarkable talent and that I am fortunate to have a [...]

  • 2015 That bitch And yet things had started so well for me the first months were incredible and I discovered several gems that became instant favorites But then came May Fucking May Since then it seems that my reading time goes like this DNF DNF DNF DNF Oh That s good DNF DNF DNF ad vitam eternam My attention span lies somewhere around 5% and my reader is full of books I ll never read I ll probably read someday But 2015 is also my first full year here on , and most of all I wanted to thank you Th [...]

  • My last review for 2015 Woo hoo 2015 will always be memorable to me A lot of my reading related firsts happened this year My first ever one star read view spoiler Luckiest Girl Alive hide spoiler My first and hopefully my last bashing to the snow experience as a consequence of above My first time reading Harry Potter and Philosopher s Stone I know I know I promise to read the rest of the books come 2016 My first ever dnf view spoiler by Penny Reid hide spoiler My first completion of a New Adult [...]

  • For this year, I will be holding my own personal set of awards, as none of the books I liked received any from the community If there are any major discrepancies or omissions, please say so.Books Which I Expected Very Little From And I Was Still DisappointedPurityPalo AltoBooks Which Came Out of Nowhere and Dazzled MeThe DoorPurgeBlack Lamb and Grey FalconBooks Which I Fully Expected to be Great And They WereIf Not, Winter Fragments of SapphoThe Dying Grass A Novel of the Nez Perce WarMost Hilar [...]

  • Links Added Full Shenanigans Now Posted Another Year, Another Seemingly Insurmountable Goal.Let s take a look at 2015, shall we The basicsTotal Books 198Total Pages 49,0575 star 344 star 693 star 632 star 221 star 6 Unrated 4Average Rating for 2015 3.5 StarsI would have expected my amount of 1 2 ratings to be higher But apparently I was nicer than I thought this yearI will work on that for next year But anywho.Top Reads of the Year Meaning I read them this year, not that they necessarily came OU [...]

  • Before you laugh at or chide me for the long delay in presenting my 2015 reading retrospective, please give me a chance to explain why I m so late One of the main reasons for going through this exercise to begin with, it seems, is for the feedback We hope that our friends will come to agree that our lists reflect well on us But what if you re like me and have friends here on this site who are preternaturally supportive, to the point of stretching credulity They re either too nice to be honest wi [...]

  • 2015 wasn t a very good reading year too much software development , but I did finally manage to achieve one of my long term goals and do something about improving my German It s still pretty basic, but I ve now reached the point of being able to appreciate books for younger teens Hopefully I ll progress to grown up literature during 2016 But even at the level I m at now, I found things to read which were worth all the trouble Krabat, Das doppelte Lottchen and Momo were all fantastic novels that [...]

  • I jumped the gun by presenting my year before the year was actually out So here is a final revamp, and honest, no son of final revamp to follow.At the start of this year I compiled a list of books that I wanted to read in 2015 One objective was to read some of the many unread books that I already own Another good intention was to read some French and Italian But somehow things did not quite work out as planned I read some French and Italian books, but not quite as many as originally targeted Som [...]

  • MY BEST READS IN 2015 This was not easy I also tried to represent different authors Fear Me Review goo gMo3Sb Keiran Master, my 1 YOUNG alpha This quote says it all Let go of his hand and maybe I ll let you come tonight when I fuck you I immediately wrestled my hand from Jesse, cursing the fact that I wanted him Good girl, he praised Paper Swan Review goo XyHK2h Damian Caballero stole my heart I am so in love with this story Loving Damian might destroy me, but not loving him was killing me If Yo [...]

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