The Birth of Venus

[PDF] Read ↠ The Birth of Venus : by Sarah Dunant - The Birth of Venus, The Birth of Venus Alessandra Cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father a prosperous cloth merchant brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family s Florentine palazzo A|[PDF] Read ↠ The Birth of Venus : by Sarah Dunant, The Birth of Venus, Sarah Dunant, The Birth of Venus Alessandra Cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father a prosperous cloth merchant brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family s Florentine palazzo A child of the Renaissance with a precocious mind and a talent for drawing Alessandra is intoxicated by the painter s abilities But their burgeoning relationship is interruptAlessan

  • Title: The Birth of Venus
  • Author: Sarah Dunant
  • ISBN: 9780812968972
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ The Birth of Venus : by Sarah Dunant, The Birth of Venus, Sarah Dunant, The Birth of Venus Alessandra Cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father a prosperous cloth merchant brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family s Florentine palazzo A child of the Renaissance with a precocious mind and a talent for drawing Alessandra is intoxicated by the painter s abilities But their burgeoning relationship is interruptAlessan [PDF] Read ↠ The Birth of Venus : by Sarah Dunant - The Birth of Venus, The Birth of Venus Alessandra Cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father a prosperous cloth merchant brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family s Florentine palazzo A

[PDF] Read ↠ The Birth of Venus : by Sarah Dunant - The Birth of Venus, The Birth of Venus Alessandra Cecchi is not quite fifteen when her father a prosperous cloth merchant brings a young painter back from northern Europe to decorate the chapel walls in the family s Florentine palazzo A

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  • [PDF] Read ↠ The Birth of Venus : by Sarah Dunant
    273 Sarah Dunant
The Birth of Venus

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  • After reading this for the second time I wish I could give it higher than five stars I discovererd new things about this book that I hadn t caught before Such a wonderful book and I can t wait to read it for the third time This is an absolutely amazing book The author has done a lot of research and it shows in her writing This is a historical fiction The imagery is wonderful and you really get wrapped up in the lives of the Character Now that I have been studying Mythology I would like to read i [...]

  • Halfway through the book I do NOT think this is a wonderful book I am terribly disappointed Description of Renaissence Florence is fine I have no quibbles with that, but the plot is so foreseeable, so predictable The characters seem as modern day caricatures For me this is pure fluff Am I learning anything new, to compensate for all my my other disappointments No On completion If you want to read a book about art during the Italian Renaissence read The Agony and the Ecstasy A Biographical Novel [...]

  • Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life Pablo PicassoSarah Dunant, the British bestselling novelist, has penned a delectable and extremely tempting historical fiction, The Birth of Venus that is set against the backdrop of the Renaissance Florence and that which revolves around a young 14 year old girl who is not beautiful or skilled like her elder sister, yet her talent and eye for art and mind for translating languages is extraordinary but with the changing times, she is forced [...]

  • For some reason, I always feel the need to apologize when giving a high rating to a book that is not marvelously written from a technical standpoint I think I ve been privy to too many technical writing conversations While this book is not a classic of literary style, it was a very good read Its strengths rest in its emotional honesty at difficult moments Dunant has an eye for those small defining gestures that convey volumes As a historical novel, it also covers some interesting territory The n [...]

  • A few points about this book If you choose to read it, skip the Prologue It gives away the last quarter of the book I found this very frustrating The middle of the book is fine It s basic historical romance stuff with interesting, smart characters.The end of this book sucks The main character, and her best friend, make decisions which are both odd and unbelievable.Perhaps you should skip the prologue, read the middle, then when you get to the last few chapters, instead of reading them, skip back [...]

  • With an overpowering deluge of verbs and a merciless amount of description, only surpassed by Tolkien taking 60 pages to walk around a mountain, I found myself continually drifting off The novel has a meticulous feel to it, with robotic research covered by a light skein of unbelieveable emotion and a pseudo attempt at mystery that is all gunked up Like many books published by large corporations its inherent shallowness and malleability would make a great movie.

  • Wow, I really enjoyed this book I read it in a day I didn t read it like I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix nor did I read it like I plan to read Book 6 on July 16, but I read it in a day it was that good I m just going to address my one major problem with the book before I go on to tell you exactly why I liked it so much.Language I don t know how they spoke in the 1490s, but some of the language seemed very current Some of the slang used to describe various body parts and bodily f [...]

  • I sometimes wonder if it is safe for a novelist to attempt to portray cultures other than her own Sarah Dunant is an English writer who now divides her time between London and Florence half her luck I daresay she feels that, having studied Italian history and lived amongst Italians, she knows Italian culture However, as an Italian woman myself, I know how Italians relate to the foreigners in their midst and they are not as easily understood as a British Italophile might believe Ms Dunant s first [...]

  • I loved this book Right up until the very last chapter, I loved it And then if I hadn t been reading on my Kindle, I d have hurled the thing across the room Ack I can t talk about the reasons for this without giving away spoilers, so if you don t want to know anything, don t read the second half of this review.Here s the premise fourteen year old Alessandra is the oddball of her fifteenth century Florence family She s not beautiful, as her sister and two brothers are, she s not content to follow [...]

  • I made it to page 168 I saw this book at Costco as I was browsing It seemed interesting enough so I checked it out at the library I found myself forcing myself to read each page I did not find the book intriguing or engaging This story is not something to curl up by the fire with It is about a girl who loves art, but lives in a time where women cannot openly be artists Fearing that she will be sent to a nunnery because of the impending French occupation of Florence Italy, she decides to marry a [...]

  • I have had this book sitting on my bedside cabinet shelf for quite some time,as I was so disappointed by Blood Beautythat I didn t feel like starting this title But this is the Dunant I love admire I think she is better with a smaller fictionalised historical rather than a big canvas one.Dunant writes so beautifully I was enthralled by Alessandra s story with it s complex familial matrimonial relationships I feel in a platonic way that view spoiler Cristoforo came to love her even though in the [...]

  • A friend gave me this book as a birthday gift Oddly, it was a book she d never even read and she s an even avid reader than I am She just indicated that she d thought it looked like a good one, and as it was a bestseller she figured it must be She wasn t wrong, however, for the first few chapters, I constantly wondered why on earth she d pick out such a book with such content for me After convincing myself I was an adult and it was ok to continue I still have alot of my mother s book chosing in [...]

  • I read this title for a book club and from the description, I thought it would make for a very good discussion Unfortunately, the story did not live up to the expectations created by the inside flap.If you like historical fiction, it does have a fairly interesting depiction of Renaissance Florence going for it and I did learn some things along the way, like I usually do with good historial fiction However, without giving too much away, the ending and the character development greatly disappointe [...]

  • This book is set during Renaissance Florence, and follows the life of Alessandra, the daughter of a wealthy cloth merchant who has dealings with the Medici family Alessandra is young and innocent when she is married off to a much older man, and although she has freedom than a woman would have had in those times, her life and marriage doesn t quite turn out as planned While Florence is going through tumultuous times, with struggles between the artistic and opulent Medici reign, and the fanatical [...]

  • A lovely debut novel about the Italian Renaissance An old nun dies and her habit is stripped away to reveal a sensual and scandalous tattoo but this is only the beginning Alessandra is a girl of fourteen in fifteenth century Florence, mesmerized by art and life when she should be preoccupied with marriage and suitors Her imagination is fired by an intense young painter, but marriage brings her friendship and maturity as she realizes she has been wed as a shield to a kind but homosexual merchant [...]

  • Really 2.5 Stars.First let me start by saying I m surprised at how much I liked this book, yes even though I only gave it 2.5 stars The Medieval era and the Renaissance are two of my least favorites times in history, and this book is rooted in the Renaissance My main issue with the Renaissance is the overwhelming presence of religion in everything art, daily life, literature, etc Of course I understand the importance of that time period and everything produced it in However I ll spare you the de [...]

  • I m finding it difficult to select a rating for this book It begins with a bang 5 stars for interest, mystery, intrigue , slows to a disconnected simmer 2 stars which cools to lukewarm 1 star The story does pick up 2 3 stars but then spirals into a disappointing ending that, to me, seems inconsistent with the character 1 star.

  • Na bella Italia Renascentista, em Floren a, a arte inspira o de Deus est por toda a parte na m sica, nos edif cios, nas pe as consumadas para os adornar e at mesmo nos di logos A beleza do corpo era um tema de conversa t o habitual e comum como a pr pria beleza da arte Mas nem toda a arte do mundo ser suficiente para salvar uma cidade quando a estrada que a conduz reden o est atravancada de fanatismo, ignor ncia e intoler ncia religiosa.Floren a estava a virar se contra si mesma, batalhando cont [...]

  • Este livro era 2 estrelas nas primeiras p ginas e depois mudou para 4 surpreendente O Nascimento de V nus transporta, com subtileza, o leitor para a poca renascentista, para o momento exacto em que a bela Floren a unia a arte religi o como se o todo de ambos fosse a nica forma de honrar devidamente o Senhor.Atrav s de uma abastada, conservadora e, ainda assim, modesta fam lia conhecemos Alessandra Uma protagonista que da sua meninice maturidade deslumbra pela sua intelig ncia brilhante, atendend [...]

  • This is a book that starts with an ending the death of an elderly nun in a 15th century Italian convent A mystery is sparked when it is discovered that the nun s tumor appears to have been faked and she has an evocative tattoo entwining her torso where it has been hidden by her habit From there the story vaults to the beginning to when this mysterious nun was a 14 year old Florentine named Alessandra Alessandra is presented as the youngest daughter of a rich cloth merchant She is clever, and inq [...]

  • Ideas expressed message plot Alessandra is an intelligent talented young woman living in Florence during the Renaissance She doesn t have too many options though get married or join a convent While she must to conform to the rules of society, she figures out a way to succumb to her own passion as well.The book s prologue is truly one of the best openings to a story that I ve ever read After that, I found myself slowed down, by the references to artists and artwork sadly a testament to my own def [...]

  • Sarah Dunant s gem of a book, The Birth Of Venus, is a brilliant period piece written painted on the page with all the fire of oils then finished off with a glow emanating from the veneer that comes after being highly glazed She masters the big four Story Imagery Elegance Intelligence, in such a readable way, I flew through it or it, through me and I finished it, cover to cover, in under two hours, whilst in a surreal haze Okay To be honest, the haze was probably from the real fever I had caught [...]

  • Antes de mais, gostaria de come ar com um agradecimento a Elphaba, pois foi gra as a um passatempo no seu blog que tive a oportunidade de ler este livro de que gostei bastante e que j o andava a namorar h algum tempo assim sendo Muito Obrigada sempre ou quase sempre muito agrad vel estrearmo nos em obras cujos autores que ainda n o tivemos oportunidade de ler ou que ainda n o conhec amos e este foi um desses casos Fui surpreendida por uma hist ria muito interessante cuja a o se desenrola em It l [...]

  • Renaissance Italy or specifically Medici s Florence is a fascinating historical era, although one probably safest experienced as an armchair explorer Majority of the book takes place during the particularly turbulent 1494 1495, years of Savanarola, Night Police and its accompanying fervent madness, spectacular time rendered vividly, claustrophobically and stunningly by the author Her other clever choice is the main protagonist, a woman who dared and succeeded against all odds to live a life on h [...]

  • To be honest, I could have wished for a happier ending for Alessandra Cecchi but overall I really enjoyed this very unique historical After reading the prologue, my curiosity was piqued and I knew at that point I would be reading this book through to the end Also, very early on in the story, I realized that the City of Florence was just as much a main character as Alessandra, in fact they share the spotlight Dunant recreates fifteenth century Florence with vibrant descriptions of the sights, sou [...]

  • Dunant does a wonderful job blending historical events in with her fictional character, the blossoming young woman, Alessandra Cecchi Alessandra is the daughter of a cloth merchant who endures, above all, corrupt religious leaders and an interesting marriage Through Dunant s vivid descriptions of the time period , readers are transported to late 15th century Florence The details given to the reader displayed Dunant s erudition and thorough knowledge of that time period During the course of the n [...]

  • This book was a little bit chick y, but I liked it anyway It takes place in Renaissance Italy and it is fully aware that it cannot capture the beauty that it seeks to in any way, shape, or form It is content merely to explore a few threads Which bothered me on some level since I wanted of the overwhelming, in your face, splashy sense of the era if I was going to read about it But since I usually like quiet, intimate novels, it didn t bother me that much It isn t especially deep, and the conclus [...]

  • 3.5 StarsI really enjoy historical fiction and have never read a book about Florence or this era So I decided to give this ago I mostly did enjoy this book and I liked the main character Alessendra I felt for her in many parts of this book I liked the story line, and the books plot moved in a good way.What I didn t really enjoy about this book was everything about the art Art really was a main topic in the book, and it did help with the story At times I just got really bored reading all the desc [...]

  • I made it 65 pages in, but I couldn t bring myself to finish Another book I wanted to love What a shame Artist Domenico Ghirlandaio s was one of the great artists during the Italian Renaissance The author weaves a story between Domenico and Alessandra Cecchi Unfortunately, Alessandra s parents arrange a marriage for her to a much older man Why did I lose interest when this story should have been so interesting The author did that thing I hate Pages and pages of unimportant details and descriptio [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book and the discussion of art, religion and philosophy but I can understand why some readers would think it is a bit dry It s a great historical novel centered in Florence in the late 15th century, when Savonarola was on his rampage against ostentation and sin predating the later reformation by quite a bit The novel was full of twists and surprises, and came to a satisfactory conclusion that felt real It was a nice change from much of the fluffier historical fiction publis [...]

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