[PDF] Pillage | by ↠ Obert Skye - Pillage, Pillage Upon his mother s death fifteen year old Beck Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he had never met in a remote manor house where he learns that his family suffers from a curse that allo|[PDF] Pillage | by ↠ Obert Skye, Pillage, Obert Skye, Pillage Upon his mother s death fifteen year old Beck Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he had never met in a remote manor house where he learns that his family suffers from a curse that allows him to make plants grow on command and dragon eggs hatch

  • Title: Pillage
  • Author: Obert Skye
  • ISBN: 9781590389225
  • Page: 272
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Pillage | by ↠ Obert Skye, Pillage, Obert Skye, Pillage Upon his mother s death fifteen year old Beck Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he had never met in a remote manor house where he learns that his family suffers from a curse that allows him to make plants grow on command and dragon eggs hatch [PDF] Pillage | by ↠ Obert Skye - Pillage, Pillage Upon his mother s death fifteen year old Beck Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he had never met in a remote manor house where he learns that his family suffers from a curse that allo

[PDF] Pillage | by ↠ Obert Skye - Pillage, Pillage Upon his mother s death fifteen year old Beck Phillips is sent to live with an eccentric uncle he had never met in a remote manor house where he learns that his family suffers from a curse that allo

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  • [PDF] Pillage | by ↠ Obert Skye
    272 Obert Skye

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  • Obert Skye

    Obert Skye read his first book at age two He wrote his first story at age four And he was nearly trampled by a herd of water buffalo at age six For a short time, he lived on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, where he spent time as a candy taster Several years ago, Obert Skye says, he discovered the existence of Foo Publishing his story as a fictional series was not Obert s first choice Nevertheless he is content that the history is being told.Hobbies and other interests Collecting old maps, water polo, roller coasters.

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  • Reviewed by Tasha for TeensReadTooFifteen year old Beck Phillips favorite activity is causing trouble and his latest scheme is setting off an angry hive of bees through the air ducts in his current school Maybe this inclination for trouble comes from moving around a lot, a non existent father, or the fact that his mother is very ill When his mom dies, Beck is uprooted from his life once again and is sent to live with his wealthy but estranged uncle out in the mountainous country On the train rid [...]

  • Pillage is one of those fun adventure fantasy books that young boys should enjoy In a time when Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and others are stealing the show, it s fun to find a fantasy book of similar vein that is still very fresh and fun to read.Pillage follows a young boy named Beck through his very troubled life The initial chapter gives us insight into his devious streak as he carries out a plot that would result in having school closed for a few days The plan falls apart and Beck quickly [...]

  • This was an okay book fantasy book I liked it for what it was, but my expectations were higher because of the reviews I have read.My main problem was Skye s tell not show approach Many times, Skye s main character, Beck Phillips, explains what is going on rather than letting the situation play itself out and letting the reader discovery it for his herself Also, Beck is always extremely self aware and almost to the point of unbelievability At one time he tells the reader that since he never had a [...]

  • Skye, Obert Pillage, Shadow Mountain Language G, Sexual Content G Violence GLife for Beck Phillips has just gone from not so good to miserable For the past several years he has been the primary caregiver for his mentally ill mother who has just passed away Not minutes after her funeral he is put on a train and told that his uncle, who he didn t know existed, has agreed to take him in The train takes him to a remote town called Kingsplot Beck s uncle lives in a mansion high on a hill away from th [...]

  • The story started out lame, and then began to intrigue me In the end I couldn t get past Skye s writing style Most of the dialogue was cheesy and cliche like a teenager would ever say, I m sorry for the way I actedr my actions And when a dragon is chasing him, his presence made me move faster His presence made me move faster Are you serious It sounds like a five year old is writing this.However, there were a few great twists at the end which I found satisfying I think Skye s problem is he doesn [...]

  • I might be mean to say this, but I don t fancy a book that introduces a bunch of hatching dragon eggs as though they were unborn puppies albeit hatched from eggs and then have the protagonist who witnessed the hatching proceed to destroy them Yea, yea, dragons don t evoke sympathy, but the balance of this particular narrative was off Don t get the child reader to think the baby dragons might be pets and then have them be killed with nary a regret Seems like an animal cruelty treatise the way it [...]

  • Redundant, awkward prose an interesting premise but dull execution unrealistic dialogue and narration, for that matter an unrelatable protagonist all the action you wanted squeezed into a tiny segment of the book view spoiler and the fact that the only good characters, the dragons, ended up being evil and got killed Not to mention the fact that Milo, an okay character, ended up being a weird troll type thing Oh, and the uncle, a potentially awesome character, wasn t elaborated on enough hide spo [...]

  • This was a great book I like the twists and turns in it At some points a tiny bit confusing but pretty much all of it was understandable It is a short read so if you are looking for a book to read to kill some time it would be a great book to pick out I got it because I liked this Author s other books so i decided to give it a try.

  • Obert Skye describes things in the book very well He created detailed pictures in my head The setting is a big mansion that the main character describes as somewhere between a mall and a castle There were chimneys and windows than any chimney or window store could possibly stock I counted at least seven floors The main character is a boy named Beck Phillips who goes to live with his uncle because his mother dies The story makes me feel kind of cold because of all of the mist and fog in the sett [...]

  • The reason why i liked this book is because one i love storys with dragons they are cool creatures that can fly breath fire etc I think its funny how the main character Beck is a realy big troble maker if you have read the book right at the beginning he is in a duct with some bees wow pretty crazy There is also some pretty amuzeing comedy like when hes in the airduckt he falls into a classrom on a desk i thought that was hastarical There is also good action like in the end the town is raided by [...]

  • Wow That was really good It started out kind of iffy and I could put the book down without any real drive to pick it up again So when I reached page 62 I basically forced myself to read it because I didn t want to take forever to read this It got much better once I got to page 100 or so I was constantly waiting for a dragon to appear but it was quite the surprise when Beck found a certain something Skye did very good with interweaving Beck s plant growing ability and the dragons together Beck s [...]

  • I am a sucker for pretty cover art and this book has been making puppy dog eyes at me for a while now I finally got around to reading it and like Obert Skye s Leven Thumps series which also have pretty covers I found it a little slow to get into It seemed to me that the last 1 4 of the book had everything I expected it to have while the first 3 4 was just kind of slow and didn t provide enough new plot information or twists to drive the story the way it could have been It was obviously good enou [...]

  • A very quick, but enjoyable read I immediately handed it to my 12 year old after I was done because I knew she d love it I was right.I liked the idea here, and thought that Obert delivered it well.Setting A dreary place in some remote town It s cloudy and dark a lot, so there is not much scenery describing text.Plot A boy is trying to figure out why his uncle is crazy and what is up with the garden He also gets some lessons in the dangers of unchecked curiosity.Conflict There are some interestin [...]

  • I read the first Leven Thumps book and didn t care for it I had heard that Obert Skye s ability to write had improved with each book he has written, and therefore I decided to give him another shot.First, I can t say this book is horrible I realize it s youth fiction, and from a young person s standpoint this book has the potential to be fun and interesting However, I can t say that this book wowed me either It s short, and it cruises along at a decent pace, but overall there s a certain style t [...]

  • This was actually included with Choke, which I won in a First Reads giveaway Which is a good thing, as it allowed me to start the story from the beginning.I really enjoyed the story, a tale of generations of the Pillage Phillips family of males and how their ability to affect the growth of plants and also raise dragons ultimately consumes and destroys them The question in this, and subsequent I presume, book is, how will the protagonist Beck Phillips handle it I m reading Choke next and definite [...]

  • Even for a fantasy book, this one had some gaps And while I like a happy ending, things tied up a little too neatly at the end to really seem plausable Also, a few too many Because I m an Angry Teenager, Dang it cliches for my taste this one always seemed on the cusp of getting interesting, but when we got to the big climax, the author seemed to have forgotten it was supposed to be exciting It wasn t out right BAD, but I promise within six months I will forget I ever read it.

  • I really enjoyed reading this book, it drew me in quite quickly It took me only a few days to get completely through it, and I appreciate that there is no series its just a single book That being said, I didn t like how quickly it ended A majority of the book was spent building up the plot and then within just a few short chapters everything was resolved I wish he had spent a little time wrapping things up Despite that, I still would recommend this to a friend it was a fun read.

  • I hadn t even heard of this book before I went to the book store and saw it there I liked the Leven Thumps books so I desided to give it a try It was pretty good A really easy read, and it s pretty short It s about a 15 year old boy whose had a hard life growing up and then has to move in with his crazy uncle.

  • This was the second time I d read this story and I was honestly just as suprised by the ending this time as I was the first It s a very original story, that Obert Skye weaves beautifully together It s not your typical dragon story The main character is likable and funny I m excited to read the second book.

  • My kids have long loved this series and I finally got around to reading Pillage.Great book for middle graders and for those of us much older than that who just enjoy a great dragon story.Content Clean

  • I thought this book was great I read it with my kids ages 12, 10, 7 and they all really enjoyed it We were all a bit bumbed when it actually ended and there was no set up for a sequel I would recommend this to anyone who likes the world of dragons and fantasy.

  • Vaughn and I gave this book to Bekah for her 9th birthday She read it in a couple of days and really liked it so I gave it a try too She was right It is a quick, fun read I think most young people will enjoy it

  • Beck s mother dies and he is sent to live with a rich uncle in Kingsplot He soon becomes aware that things are unusual there and he is a pawn who unleashes dragons on the unsuspecting town.Nice, light fantasy felt sorry for Beck and the dragons.

  • I read the book, not the CD It doesn t have the book listed This was a fun read My 11 year old daughter enjoyed it, also.

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