Pleasure Unbound

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasure Unbound : by Larissa Ione - Pleasure Unbound, Pleasure Unbound In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She s a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in d|[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasure Unbound : by Larissa Ione, Pleasure Unbound, Larissa Ione, Pleasure Unbound In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She s a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise and the head doctor Eidolon makes her body burn with unslakable desire But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers she must betray the surgeon who saved hIn a place whe

  • Title: Pleasure Unbound
  • Author: Larissa Ione
  • ISBN: 9780446401036
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasure Unbound : by Larissa Ione, Pleasure Unbound, Larissa Ione, Pleasure Unbound In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She s a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in disguise and the head doctor Eidolon makes her body burn with unslakable desire But to prove her ultimate loyalty to her peers she must betray the surgeon who saved hIn a place whe [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasure Unbound : by Larissa Ione - Pleasure Unbound, Pleasure Unbound In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She s a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in d

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasure Unbound : by Larissa Ione - Pleasure Unbound, Pleasure Unbound In a place where ecstasy can cost you your life She s a demon slayer who hungers for sensual pleasure but fears it will always be denied her Until Tayla Mancuso lands in a hospital run by demons in d

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  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ Pleasure Unbound : by Larissa Ione
    474 Larissa Ione
Pleasure Unbound

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    New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Larissa Ione penned her first novel at the age of 13 and hasn t stopped writing since She has been a U.S Air Force meteorologist, an EMT, and a professional dog trainer, and you never know when one of those interests will pop into her novels.She lives a nomadic existence with her U.S Coast Guard husband and son, so her writing career has been a blessing a job that moves easily.She writes dark paranormal romance for Grand Central Publishing formerly Warner Books, and contemporary romance for Red Sage and Samhain Under the pen name Sydney Croft, she writes erotic action adventure romance with partner Stephanie Tyler.

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  • Okay, so I m actually kind of embarrassed that I gave this book four stars.Please don t lose respect for me Hear me out Trust me I just seems antithetical I mean, the name of the book is Pleasure Unbound and when my husband asked what I was reading, I blushed as I revealed the book s name Then there s the cover that is, really, the epitome of cheap, softcore porn PNR.And the plot just seems too ridiculous He s an incubus demon, she s a demon hunter who can t come when she s with a man it s like [...]

  • Hey, I just met youAnd this is crazyBut I m gonna f ck you senselessAnd tell you all my secretsI am so disappointed with this book, I have no words.Wait, actually I do Let me tell you what happens in the first 5% of the book a bit spoilerish The main guy is a demon who works at a demon hospital The main woman is a slayer who is killing demons like crazy and is their arch nemesis and of course it goes the other way around as well.So this wounded woman ends up in the demon hospital and the main de [...]

  • Adult Review for Erotic ContentTayla s observation his magic penis Whoops, excuse me I did not mean to react so strongly I meant to reply with, please tell me Sois Eidolon guy He kind of has magic spermies that do magic sperm y things to a woman If that s not going to get someone interested, then I don t know what else to say.This was fluffy, cheesy, good time PNR and I loved every second of it I never once rolled my eyes at the flowery sexual terms, nor did I bat an eyelash at the crazy male b [...]

  • That glossary at beginning was helpful, but it still left out a lot of words A warning, I m gaytarded, and this review will reflect said gayness He doesn t need to touch her black panties to know they soaked He can smell it From across the room In her defense she has been wearing the same panties for at least two days So it s understandable they d smell, but still my fragile gay boy eyes didn t need to read thatSex at 7% I prefer build up before sex And her slippery juices shudder shouldn t she [...]

  • BR with my MacHalo Freaks starting Oct 16, 2015.DNF at 9% Because life is too short to read infuriating crap Friendly message to my dear, ever stalking PNR review trolls YES I DNFed this at 9% YES I had the audacity to rate it anyway YES I had the nerve to write a so called review about it NO I have no credibility as a reviewer Be offended all you want, I don t give a damn.Worry not people, for this is not going to be one of my never ending, rambling reviews I ve wasted enough time on this awe i [...]

  • UGH Your hospital is called ugh Oh, that s precious I m not going to go into a lot of plot detail, because honestly, there are already so many wonderful reviews out there, so I ll just briefly share my thoughts on this book which is an awesome start to a great series The underlying story line of good vs evil, with a very gray area defining them, has been done over and over by many authors, but very few have done it this well And I was than a little surprised because it can t be easy to carve yo [...]

  • This book is utterly fascinating What an interesting universe I wish I had this author s imagination For anyone who s read Lovecraft, I think this book is Lovecraft mythos meets romance novel I can say that reading this book was a unique experience Ms Ione did a fantastic job developing this world within around under the regular world, where demons are the good guys Sort of Not all demons are good, but not all are bad I can t say too much about that without spoiling a person who wants to read th [...]

  • Eidolon is a demon and a doctor and the founder of the only demon hospital A hospital where all lucky demons can visit, get well, not kill each other and then run free to torture humans or not And of course in this hospital no humans are allowed, since humans are the worst race that walks on earth according to the Demon Bible of course And then Eidolon s future lady, Tayla Mancuso, appears who is human, wounded and about to die and Eidolon decides to make her feel better in every possible way d [...]

  • 5 KICKASS AND JUST WOW STARS I have read book 34 in the Demonica series before actually reading book 1 and 2 I have to say Larissa Ione has managed to knock my socks off once again P.S DON T YOU THINK THE NEW COVERS ARE SO MUCH BETTER This review is for mature readers only I wasn t sure about reading Pleasure Unbound I LOVED the 3rd one, it was my first EVER erotica book, but the 4th one was just ehhh for me FROM WHAT I CAN REMEMBER It s been ages At first, i must admit i had some problems getti [...]

  • I just wanna thank you Larissa for this amazing series, but mostly I just can t believe I ve liked it even after a 2nd read I have a shelf called top 50 in where I selected the best 50 books in 500 I have read This series has been in it since I read it almost a couple of years ago, so I had forgotten many things about it It has been ages since I read a book I could place in that shelf and I have been tying find another one for so long without success that I decided to re read one of the books i [...]

  • Yippee Another new author for my listke it s not big enough already I m so glad I got Pleasure Unbound by Larissa Ione She s produced a really interesting and unusual world of demons where the bad guys aren t all bad but some of them sure are and the good guys aren t all good either Her demon infested world will suck you in and the next thing you know s 2 00 a.m and you have to get up in less than 4 hours to go to work Oh waitat s me Demons aren t all bad They also aren t all ugly either And Eid [...]

  • I had to do some math to figure out how to rate this book Never a good sign In the end it was lucky to get 2.5 stars from me I rounded up See I can be nice It started out pretty strong but about 100 pgs in things started to go downhill Here s why Tayla, the heroine I basically hated her for three quarters of the book She s a hot neurotic mess And not in a good way According to C George Boeree neurosis involves anxiety, sadness or depression, anger, irritability, mental confusion, low sense of se [...]

  • I vehemently hated the female character, Tayla, for 80% of this book, possibly She s stupid, whiney, angsty, emo, and super fucking annoying Hated so much I thought of DNF ing it, and I might have, but I ate chocolate mousse while I read Eidolon is the male mc I liked him, he s a hot demon doctor who doesn t seen to find Tayla super annoying He s rather enchanted by her fiery judgmental behavior, which made me wonder if he had a degenerative brain disorder Seems he kind of did, but he still wan [...]

  • It takes me awhile to get to most of the paranormal romance books I own because, well, I m not really a fan of them Most of the time instead of my eyes being glued to the paged, they re rolling I was in the mood for one, though, and this one shines with its average ratings on , so I dove in last night and already finished it today.It s one of THOSE books You know, the ones that are hard to put down and like second nature to pick back up again The plot is one that s been done before, many times, [...]

  • Re reading it yes again, this makes it my 5th time for the Buddy read with the MacHalos October 16, 2015.I love this book every time, I can t put it down It goes by incredibly fast, you have finished it before you realize it The book traps you from the very beginning It has the perfect amount of action, romance, world building and side characters.The idea of this world, the idea of good vs evil both in humans and demons, all surrounding the Underground General Hospital, it s pretty interesting a [...]

  • 5 stars Paranormal RomanceThere are so many positive reviews for this series, and for very good reason Ione s writing is original, clever, funny, and steamy and the world she created full of demons, slayers, vampires, weres, half breeds, crossbreeds, and humans coexisting in multidimensional realms is utterly imaginative, dark, hypnotic, and sensual Ione is definitely a fresh voice in the paranormal romance genre and her Demonica series truly stands out for its creativity and raw eroticism Pleas [...]

  • Wow This was a really cool book Its also very hot for a mass market paperback Tayla is a slayer that hunts the bad guys Demons, Vampires, the whole 9 yards until one day she ends up in a hospital with some serious injuries When she comes to she realizes she isnt in a human hospital, she s in a Demon hospital and her doctor is a VERY HOT demon named Eidolon Tayla has to figure out if demons really are as bad as she thinks they are, because she starts to feel something for Eidolon and to top it of [...]

  • Actual rating 4.5 starsPleasure Unbound is the first book in the Demonica series, and I loved it It was a tough beginning, trying to learn all the different characters aka demons, but the book has a glossary to help you out You find out that the good guys aren t always good, and the bad guys aren t always bad Sometimes, they must toe the line to help each other out.

  • I HAVE A NEWS FOR ALL EIDOLON S FANS Just look at the bottom of my review grin Just wanna say Everybody love Wraith, maybe because his bad ass attitudeEverybody love Shade, maybe because what Dunno lol ButFor me, just one of Seminus Brother that from the beginning until the end, that still captivated me, still make me love him, still make me adore him and his name isEIDOLON LOL So, is it wrong that his book is favorite of mine But, actually all of Demonica are favorite of mine This is my 3rd tim [...]

  • Como introducci n est pasable.Personajes interesantes, una buena historia, estilo ligero Bueno Pero hasta ah.Lo que no me gust fueron los diferentes POV en la narraci n Ni tampoco que no es f cil ubicarse en la l nea temporal que tiene el libro.A n ahora no s muy bien si todo pas en menos de una semana o algo mas

  • I only got to 11% and I think I am going to stop If I had read this a few years ago, I probably would have liked it I m just over PNR with all the same old tropes and stereotypes In this one, there a hot and sexy incubus demon named Eidolon and a female demon slayer named Tayla or something I can t even remember or care They hate each other, then of course, even though I didn t get that far, it s obvious they will end up getting married or being mated somehow To make this one even better, Tayla [...]

  • I love Eidolon His dark hair, his lickable dermoire and his brains What s not to love And as a Seminus demon, he requires sex often As if there wasn t to love about him E is a doctor at Underworld General Hospital and his hunky brothers Shade and Wraith work there as well All three of them are such well developed characters that I am dying to know about I can t wait for Shade and Wraith s books I love love LOVE Gem The first line from her perspective is hilarious Doctor Gemella Endri was up to [...]

  • Wow What an awesome PNR Loved, loved, loved it It will be going straight to the favorite s shelf where I dusted a spot off around the 70% mark or so Tayla is a demon slayer that finds herself at a demon hospital where Eidolon is the head of Sparks fly immediately even though neither one of them want them to be Tayla becomes disgusted that she is attractive to a demon and Eidolon knows that falling for the slayer is a mistake but the good part of this book is Eidolon doesn t let that head do his [...]

  • For a book that is supposedly urban fantasy but is actually just a kind of paranormal erotica, I actually liked it a lot than I thought I would And, sure, I m not a complete idiot and I understood beforehand that any book, urban fantasy or not, that is called Pleasure Unbound will have than it s fair share of smut and or romance But is it really so difficult to get a good UF mystery going in the background before the main couple get it on I m slightly disappointed but no longer surprised It se [...]

  • There is a battle going on, between demons and the Aegis, humans who are trained to kill the demons, who supposedly kill and rape innocent humans indiscrimately, demons who are little then evil beasts At least that is what Tayla Manusco has been told and past experience confirms this But when Tayla is picked up an ambulance after being badly hurt and taken to a demon hospital who where she is introduced to Eidolon, a hot demon doctor who heals her, and discovers a few unwelcome truths about her [...]

  • Wow Who would have thought that demons could be so hot and sexy Pleasure Unbound was an absolute pleasure to read The book was exciting, exhilarating, and oh, so steamy The steamy parts fit in very well with the story From the very first page to the last, I was pulled into this very imaginative world The world building was fantastic It was pure magic I didn t want to put the book down.I liked how the author challenged our preconceived notions Are all demons evil Is it possible to be a good demon [...]

  • I ve started two new sub genres this past week, reading one book about angels, and one about demons, and I have to say Larissa Ione s introduction into the world of demons was quite memorable As a warning, these books are quite explicit, although her demons are surprisingly sexy I enjoyed the chemistry between Tayla and Idolin, even if some of the scenes there at the beginning were a bit questionable in their ethics for doctor and patient The world building was phenomenol, and I loved the confli [...]

  • My 1st Adult Erotica Just now writing the review The book that took my Erotica Virginity Define Erotica Virginity Similar to your real virginity If the first book man is dreadful, then you will be forever traumatized Thus, never wanting anything to do with reading that genre sex again If the book man is FRICKIN AMAZING, then you will be forever addicted Thus, wanting as much as you can possibly get your hands onIt was a very good experience for me my friend s This book has it all romance, sexy s [...]

  • Opening Line Had Eidolon been anywhere but the hospital, he would have killed the guy pleading for his life in front of him Welcome to Larissa Ione s utterly imaginative world of Demonica Full of demons, vampires, shifters, weres, slayers, humans and every combined half version of them PLEASURE UNBOUND is a great ride I just couldn t put down action packed, erotic and sinfully dark with witty humour and engaging, fresh characters Including a kick ass heroine and her uber sexy, scrub wearing Demo [...]

  • Reread thoughts I love this book Even better the second time, and third Highly recommend this first book on Audio Wonderful Narration Full Review Needless to say, I liked this book No, I loved it Don t read listen to this at work, with your family, certainly not in the car you might wreck But whatever you do, read this book If the first scene bothers you, you aren t the only one I promise there is true substance other than the debauchery of the first chapter If you liked Shadowfever, Night Huntr [...]

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